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Why you need Mizuno running shoes

The fact that you can wear Mizuno running shoes today is due to the quality standard. Originally, the Mizuno brothers imported sports goods to sell in Japan. It was only when one of the brothers felt that his quality standards were no longer being met that the brand started producing its own products. In the meantime, Mizuno has been researching new technologies for sportswear and equipment for over 100 years.

Also for running shoes. Especially for running shoes. In 1997, the brand achieved a special stroke of genius: Wave technology was developed for Mizuno running shoes. These are special "Wave plates" that guarantee both cushioning and stability. They adapt every Mizuno running shoe optimally to your requirements. For competition and after-work runs. For women and men. Whether light or heavy.

Whatever profile you expect from your runner, Mizuno's Wave technology adapts it in the best possible way. This is especially important for running shoes. Only in this way can they support your running movement properly, protect your joints and counteract incorrect stresses. Mizuno running shoes allow you to enjoy relaxed runs that bring you closer to your best performance.

The advantages of Mizuno running shoes

Breathability and cushioning are part of the basic equipment, but can always be further optimised. There are also other factors that make Mizuno running shoes the perfect companion for your runs:

  • Mizuno runners for every need: cushioning for hard surfaces. Stability and low weight for long distances. Wherever and however you run, you'll always find Mizuno running shoes with the right setup.
  • Smart midsoles: Mizuno puts a lot of time and passion into its research. The result is, among other things, a midsole that immediately converts the impact of each of your steps into new energy, which simultaneously provides cushioning and support.
  • Breathability: The inside of a running shoe does not need a marathon to heat up. Even during an after-work run, tropical conditions quickly develop if the air cannot circulate properly. That's why running shoes from Mizuno rely on breathable mesh textiles that promote a pleasant foot climate.
  • Optimised fit: Mizuno's mesh uppers not only promote air circulation. The brand designed it so that it also adapts wonderfully to your foot.
  • Comfortable and robust: At some point, every running shoe reaches the end of its road. But it shouldn't happen prematurely. That's why Mizuno runners are designed to last as long as possible. At the same time, the brand always pays attention to the necessary comfort.
  • A tradition of sustainability: Mizuno began supporting its first environmental protection projects as early as 1992. Crew 21 is the name of the programme through which the company uses recycled materials and environmentally friendly production processes as intensively as possible. For example, Mizuno produces plastics on a plant basis.

Special features of Mizuno running shoes

As good as it already was in 1997, Mizuno continues to develop its Wave technology and optimises the interplay of stability and cushioning at all times based on the latest ideas. At the same time, many Mizuno running shoes counteract fatigue too quickly thanks to Smooth Ride technology. This is achieved through a mix of flexibility and hardness, which takes unnecessary weight off the feet. The brand also offers different cushioning technologies. Mizuno Enerzy, for example, remains pleasantly soft, while at the same time providing energy recovery and durability.

The U4ic midsole compound offers a mix of performance and comfort. You can also find Mizuno running shoes with a GORE-TEX® membrane. These protect your feet from moisture on trail runs, but still allow sufficient breathability. When it comes to outsoles, Mizuno running shoes rely on a mixture of durability and grip that has proven itself.

Popular running shoe series from Mizuno

Mizuno's Wave technology first appeared in the Wave Rider, which means the runner has long enjoyed legendary status in the Japanese brand's range. Especially since the performance is also right. As an all-rounder, it adapts perfectly to your running profile and is suitable for longer and shorter leisure runs. Wave plate included, of course. In the Mizuno Wave Sky you enjoy the benefits of the slightly softer XPOP foam. In combination with the Enerzy midsole, this offers you cushioning paired with optimised energy recovery.

For runners looking for particularly lightweight running shoes, Mizuno offers the Wave Inspire. It has a Wave plate, which has, however, been slightly adapted to favour a homogeneous triangle of stability, damping and bounce even with reduced weight. At the same time, this Mizuno running shoe counteracts overpronation and enables dynamic runs thanks to its light weight.

The Mizuno running shoe shop at Keller Sports

Mizuno running shoes for marathon training. Runners for the after-work run. Shoes for trail running. Mizuno running shoes offer you the right model for every occasion. In the Mizuno running shoe shop at Keller Sports you can order different styles online. You can get the Mizuno Wave Rider, Wave Sky and Mizuno Wave Inspire.

Of course, they come in different colourways and are tailored to the anatomy of women's feet as well as men's models. Simply choose your favourite and have it delivered to your home. We also regularly offer attractive sales deals on Mizuno running shoes, which you can combine with the Keller Sports premium discount.



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