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With high-tech functional fashion and a fresh, sporty design, Martini Sportsware is the trump card in the outdoor sector. Powerstretch jackets, multi-sports trousers or functional artificial trousers are only a part of the interesting assortment of the Austrian company. Thanks to constant innovation and excellent quality, Martini has been able to assert itself internationally for decades. No matter if summer or winter sports, Martini offers for everyone outdoor activity the matching functional clothing.


As early as 1958, the success story of Martini Sportswear began in Annaberg, Austria, with the founding of a tailoring company for sports trousers. With commitment and quality thinking, Martin Hornegger Senior made the ski jumper suits of the Austrian national team as early as the 1960s. In the 70s he celebrated great international success with his innovative Jet-pant and set the course for the next generation in the following years. Since 1991 the siblings Lisa Moser-Hornegger and Martin Hornegger Junior have managed the modern and innovative family business. With new impulses and permanent further development they steadily increased the degree of awareness of the brand and the company. Martini Sportswear orients itself on the experiences of renowned professional athletes and has an open ear for every customer. The result is a collection of high quality paired with a design full of passion for sports.

When Austria's ski jumpers occupied the entire podium in the 1960s, the fans in Bischofshofen not only celebrated the athletes. "Martini, Martini", they shouted and thereby also paid Martin Hornegger sen. the giving respect. After all, his company had equipped the athletes with the winning jump suits. What had begun in 1958 as a tailor's shop for sports trousers had finally reached the top of competitive sport - and at the same time had found its now almost legendary company name: Hornegger took the calls of ski jumping fans as inspiration and MARTINI was born.


The traditional Austrian brand, which is still family-owned today, is not only dedicated to competitive sport alone. MARTINI SPORTSWEAR is also about functionality and innovative materials such as style and suitability for everyday use. Innovation and customers are inseparably linked, children and hobby athletes are just as important as professional athletes. With all its high-tech aspirations, the traditional Austrian brand relies in all its operations on a family atmosphere - both at the company headquarters in Annaberg, in the middle of the Salzburg mountains, as well as in its cooperation with suppliers and dealers, and not least in direct contact with customers.

In keeping with the tradition since the beginning, sports trousers and, above all, ski trousers are particularly important. MARTINIS' greatest fashion success came a few years after the great triumph of Bischofshofen, when the company launched the legendary Jet-pants in the late 1970s. With their tight fit, they set a new fashion standard on the ski slope. Martini's winter jackets have a extremely high heat storage capacity and are therefore ideal for all winter outdoor activities. The synthetic down used is breathable and dries quickly. Martini Sportswear also produces ladies' backs and multisports trousers for men and women from the same material.

Shirts and outdoor jackets from Martini Sportswear not only prevent the loss of body heat in the best possible way, they can also be conveniently folded to a minimum pack size and accompany you on long trekking tours. For all outdoor fans Martini offers functional beanies made of technofleece and headbands made of technostretch for optimal climate comfort during any sporting activity. This keeps the head warm and protected. Polartec Wind Pro is another high-tech fabric used by Martini Sportswear. This fabric offers you wind resistance four times higher than fleece and thus drastically reduces the wind chill effect. The loss of heat is minimized, which is especially important for alpine outdoor sports.


  • Founding year: 1958

  • Founders: Martin Hornegger sen.

  • Company headquarters: Annaberg/Salzburg (Österreich)

  • Number of employees: > 25

  • Annual turnover: no data

  • Website:

  • Sports: Winter Sports, Bike, Outdoor


  • Awards: MARTINI won many awards, including as top supplier of sporting goods for Austria and Germany.

  • Environmental protection: Short distances: MARTINI only works with producers and suppliers from Europe.

  • Fairness: Value and Respect are the Principles of MARTINI's Philosophy.


However, with all its focus on stylish designs, the brand ultimately pursues a very simple goal. To a certain extent, clothing should serve as a link between nature and you, between the weather and your activities. The family business does not want to commit itself to a single sport. With MARTINI SPORTSWEAR both runners and mountain bikers, climbers, skiers or tourers get functional clothing made of high-quality, innovative materials adapted to the respective requirements. The label relies on high-quality material mixes that are convincing with consistency, reliability and absolute flexibility - at any time and anywhere. By using several layers, the brand manufacturer combines their different advantages with each other. When you combine a functional hoodie with a hybrid jacket from Martini Sportswear, you are dressed windproof and protected from the cold.

The light and soft material always feels pleasant on the skin and offers unrestricted freedom of movement when jogging, biking or on long trekking tours. With a winter jacket for hiking or a ski jacket for your freeride you are breathable and weatherproof. Also during the rest of the year Martini Sportswear offers you optimal weather protection when climbing, hiking or trail running. In order to ensure that not only style and function are right, but that the individual parts of the collections also match the individual sports, the employees personally test new creations under real conditions. Thanks to coordinated colours and figure-hugging cuts, both the material and the appearance are perfect. From the mountain or the piste directly into the city, without having to change your jacket. That is what athleisure should be.


When selecting materials, MARTINI SPORTSWEAR again uses its long tradition and roots in competitive sports. The decisive factor is expertise. Martin Hornegger, who took over the family-owned company together with his sister Lisa Moser-Hornegger, and his team have chosen a mix of materials that is closely geared to the needs of competitive and recreational athletes. It has to be durable, easy to care for, weatherproof, breathable and versatile in use. In addition to water and wind repellent, insulating and robust materials, MARTINI also offers a very special artificial down. PrimaLoft is characterised by its low weight paired with breathability. In contrast to the goose down, the material also retains its shape when wet, keeps moisture away, insulates and ensures that you do not freeze in the end, even under adverse conditions.