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Are you planning a long hike through the mountains? Do you want to transport heavy loads safely and comfortably along narrow paths? Or are you looking for a special rucksack for women? If so, you'll love what Lowe Alpine has to offer. Keller Sports stock a wide range of rucksacks made by this American outdoor equipment supplier.

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4 Recommendations

brand: Lowe Alpine

When climber Greg Lowe set up his own business

Climber Greg Lowe and his brothers Mike and Jeff founded the brand Lowe Alpine in the US state of Colorado in 1967. Since then they have brought new technologies to the market practically every year, providing greater functionality and comfort. Perfectly adapted to current target groups, Lowe Alpine offer special backpacking, climbing and hiking rucksacks, as well as travel luggage and special models for women. What's more, the company also makes functional clothing for outdoor use.

Inspiration from first-hand mountaineering experience.

The brand Low Alpine is inseparably linked to its founder Greg Lowe. Not only a well-known climber, he is also an Oscar-nominated camera man and photographer. His brother Jeff Lowe is a mountaineer, who has achieved over 1000 first ascents and who actively supports alpine style mountaineering. Jeff Lowe is the inventor of mixed climbing and made ice climbing, which was at first only known in Europe, popular in the United States. The brothers had more than enough practical experience to revolutionise the world of outdoor equipment. Greg Lowe invented a rucksack with an innovative internal frame. Later came Triplepoint Ceramic, a breathable, waterproof fabric. Further inventions included the Advanced Paralux back system - APS for short - and the TFX back system.

Get carried away and fall in love with Lowe Alpine

Since the beginning the creators behind the brand Lowe Alpine have strived to make people get carried away by their emotions and wow them with their fascination for hiking and mountain climbing. Scores of new products are designed to inspire you and prepare you for your next adventure. The right equipment means greater comfort and Greg Lowe and his team are continuously seeking to push the boundaries and constantly expand their range with innovative technologies.

Innovative technologies for maximum comfort

Lowe Alpine rucksacks for men and women are equipped with the latest technology. Rucksacks with AirZone boast a professional back ventilation system which is particularly beneficial on long, demanding hikes. The AirZone helps to reduce perspiration where the rucksack sits. In summer the rucksack feels pleasantly cool on your back. Another ground-breaking invention is the precision fit technology Axiom. This allows the rucksack to be perfectly adjusted to fit your body. Depending on the model, rucksacks are equipped with a rotating hip belt and ventilated back. There are also rucksacks that ensure extra comfort thanks to their High Spec Rebound Foam.

Lowe: always the right choice

If you decide on a Lowe rucksack from Keller Sports, you're sure to have made the right choice. Depending on the design, these practical accessories are excellent for hiking, trekking or everyday use. Whether you need a robust model for a long, demanding mountain hike, a hard-wearing kitbag for heavy loads or just an elegant Lowe Alpine rucksack for women, in our online shop you'll find what you're looking for.


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