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Lorna Jane

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Designed by a woman for women - that's Lorna Jane's credo. The Australian, who brought her own company to life in 1989, had above all one goal in mind: to motivate women to have fun doing sport and to love their body. In her opinion, an active lifestyle should not only occupy a few hours a week, but should be a way of life. This of course includes the right look, which allows women to look great around the clock.

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75 Recommendations

Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane: sport meets style

Today, the characteristic look of Lorna Jane from the Australian city of Brisbane is known around the world. Despite its popularity, the brand has managed not to disappear in the world of mass production, but has kept a hint of exclusivity. HIgh-quality materials and workmanship secure Lorna Jane a place in the ranks of the premium brands. The brand skilfully combines the latest colours and a touch of luxury in its designs with innovative materials and maximum comfort. With Lorna Jane sports outfits, you never again need to choose between style and functionality.

Sports bras: wellbeing starts with the basics

So that women feel self-confident and attractive in their own skin, the basics need to be right - even in the case of clothing. The feeling of a sports bra when you wear it is decisive. So the company has invested in developing the perfect fit for every figure in their sports bra range. Intelligent combinations of materials and different cuts ensure that everything stays in place during training. Fine details combined with bold colours give the wearer the necessary dose of self-confidence. Slim crossover straps, for example, on the Lorna Jane Tokyo sports bra, bring feminine elegance into the sporty look.

LJ Excel technology: high-tech by Lorna Jane

Functionality and durability are not words that Lorna Jane use in vain. Each and every fabric and ready-to-wear garment is tested by the company under the typical stress levels experienced during training. One of the product trademarks is the so-called LJ Excel technology. This guarantees that the high-tech materials do what they promise. Sophisticated microfibre technology provides your body with optimum support, as well as flattering your figure. Bye bye problem areas - with the Australian brand you will feel fantastic about your body. The material LJ Excel Core Stability, developed by the company itself, gives you a firmer looking figure and allows less favourable parts to fade into the background. Do you train hard and for long periods of time? Garments with LJ Excel Compression Technology are what you need. Compression clothing not only supports you during your workout, but also speeds up recovery time.

Lorna Jane: collections for all sporting demands

Who likes to stick to just one style? Every collection by Lorna Jane has its own personality and all the garments can be excellently combined: you'll find your perfect companion for an active day at Lorna Jane Originals. Tried and tested cuts and materials that have been put through their paces are ideal for your evening run, a gym workout or a peaceful yoga and meditation session. With the new LJ Black range, you will be perfectly kitted out for high-performance situations and competitions without having to forego the feminine touch in your outfit. Whatever garment you choose, you can be sure that you'll be bringing a hint of glamour to your next workout.


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