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With Leki winter products you will be well-equipped for your winter sports The Swabian manufacturer combines the extensive experience of their long company history with special ideas. Constant innovation is the core of the company philosophy and gives Leki products a certain je ne sais quoi. This means that every winter sports enthusiast is perfectly kitted out for their alpine ski tour. Leki ski poles will take you safely down the mountain and their gloves will win you over thanks to their outstanding comfort. Even in icy cold weather they'll keep you warm and you can get stuck in to your mountain adventure.

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28 Recommendations

brand: Leki

Leki - how it all began

The winter product manufacturer from Baden-Württemberg has years of experience in the production of optimum winter equipment. Since 1948, Leki have been making a name for themselves in the winter sports sector with numerous patents worldwide. With idea after idea the company has earned their reputation as an innovative market leader. The founder Karl Lenhart was a passionate skier, already drawn to the mountains in his youth. Never satisfied with the quality of the ski equipment available, he made it his life's work to offer future winter sports fans the best possible kit. The rest is history. The brand founder's former passion is conveyed in his products, which today inspire customers from all over the world.

Fly down the slopes with Leki ski gloves

Leki ski gloves are breathable and offer you a high level of comfort. The wet and cold are kept out by a special material made from high-tech membranes. What's more, Leki ski gloves are classified into different warmth categories. This means that the distribution of warmth in Leki gloves can be ideally adapted to your ski region. With the Addon Trigger S, loops are directly integrated in the Leki glove. In addition, patented safety solutions provide reliable protection. This means that your hands are also protected when doing wilder outdoor sports activities.

Ready for action with Leki ski poles

Leki ski poles will also be a welcome companion for you in winter. They will help you to overcome any terrain and will prepare you for the most adverse winter conditions. Leki ski poles are lightweight with an ergonomic handle and can be adjusted if necessary. The company also strives for perfection with its materials. An outer layer of aluminium and a carbon core ensure perfect guidance, a long service life, flexibility and excellent stability.
The optimum turning action of Leki ski poles, the handy basket, perfect hold and precision make them extremely user friendly. With Leki ski poles your ski adventure will be a breeze. Leki products are unisex and designed for people of all sizes and needs, for professionals and amateurs and, of course, children. With Leki products you will master every slope, mountain and difficult trail.

Bring on the winter

A long company tradition, special commitment and Swabian inventive spirit mean that there is now a solution to meet practically every need. Leki have always been close to their customers: the company has always taken customers' suggestions to heart in order to further optimise themselves and their products. This is how outstanding high-quality outdoor articles with high standards are made. With the exceptionally comfortable winter gear from Leki, made from only the best materials and countless extras, winter sports will always be that bit more fun.