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La Sportiva

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The Italian brand La Sportiva could be described as an old hand in the mountain sports scene. Specialising in all kinds of mountain footwear, the manufacturer has been making high-quality, innovative products, highly regarded by professional athletes, for almost 90 years. If you're looking for a durable, long-lasting shoe, which will hold true in extreme situations, then you've hit the nail on the head with La Sportiva. Find the right shoe to fulfil your ambitions at Keller Sports!

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55 Recommendations

brand: La Sportiva

Conquer the mountains on reliable soles

Back in 1928 shoemaker Narciso Dellatio founded his own business in Tesero, at the foot of the Dolomites. First of all, he focused on the production of work shoes for forest workers, but with the passing of the years his attention turned more and more to sporty mountain footwear. Right up until today, the 100% family-run business has regularly been a trailblazer for new and innovative trends in this area. Unforgotten, for example, is the revolutionary climbing shoe "Mirage"; the first down-turned rock shoe. Top-class mountain footwear is still the brand's showpiece, after the introduction of plastic materials into the ski boot sector in the seventies, they decided to stop this line of products in order to continue to focus on the traditional art of shoemaking. However, they didn't pass up on the chance to enrich other areas with high-quality products. This means that at La Sportiva you will also find functional clothing which meets the high standards of their shoe collections.

A reliable companion at any altitude

La Sportiva is a name that you're bound to come across frequently when you're up in the mountains. Not without reason: on high-altitude treks and mountain hikes this footwear from Italy is difficult to outrival. Cleverly devised material compositions and functional details make it a reliable, long-lasting companion. Especially when trekking for several days, your mountain boots can't let you down. On technically challenging terrain La Sportiva offer you tried and tested designs that are the result of years of know-how. To guarantee comfort and safety, the manufacturer consistently opts for Vibram soles to give you plenty of grip and shock-absorbing insoles. Constantly striving to grow and progress, the 2015 team transferred their comprehensive tests to their own research and development centre.

Hiking tours made easy with La Sportiva

If you like short walks on established trails, you can no doubt tell us a thing or two about it; the success of tours on even the least challenging of trails depends on whether or not you're wearing the right footwear. In any case, for a short walk in the hills you don't need high-tech walking boots. In their hiking range, La Sportiva offer you lightweight walking shoes with all of the comfort of their high-tech peers. A midsole with TPU inserts takes the pressure off your feet and non-slip soles will help you to cross rough terrain. The high-quality functional fibres prevent moisture from entering from the outside, whereas the transfer of moisture from the inside is facilitated.

Hit the trails but not your toes!

The team from Bella Italia supports new trends and in the meantime offers a special collection for trail runners - because jogging on uneven trails places great demands on your footwear. To avoid injury, your footwear must provide perfect support and optimum cushioning and non-slip soles are also a must. Trail running shoes by La Sportiva fulfil these requirements 100%: Soles with their Impact Brake System will protect you from skidding and a midsole provides additional cushioning. The pain of stubbing your toe on a rock is a thing of the past thanks to impact-resistant rubber toe caps. If you're out and about on particularly rough terrain, the models with a stud design will give you extra hold and make your run safer and more enjoyable.


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