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brand: Lacoste

Lacoste - French sport clothes with tradition

The modern brand, Lacoste, doesn't just stand for the highest quality and style in tennis, but also in leisure. At Keller Sports, we offer a huge selection of sportswear, as well as additional sporting products that you can buy from the comfort of your own home.

Invest in tradition and quality with Lacoste sport clothes

The brand was founded in the 1920s by René Lacoste, who was a succesful tennis player and wanted to create an athletic and elegent outfit with the legendary polo shirt. Above all, the soft ripstop fabric was a distinct advantage over other sport clothes, as it felt soft and ensured excellent comfort levels. Over the years, the French manufacturer's collection has expanded to include additional tennis jerseys, sportswear and other sport and fashion products. Lacoste has everything, from sports bags and watches to caps and household items. Here at Keller Sports you can expect an attractive selection of sports clothes and products.

The diverse Lacoste sports clothes at a glance

The French brand's legendary polo shirt and other clothes play an important role in the Keller Sports Lacoste range. Made out of 100% cotton and finished off with knitted cuffs, the shirts are the ideal supplement to your leisure wardrobe and also suits less active men. Classic t-shirts, training pants and warm sport jackets are also available here. Additional sporting goods such as quarter socks for novices and advanced players round out our collection and help you to find fashionable and functional sports clothing. Lacoste regularly brings out new collections; fresh colours and elegant are a contemporary enrichment to your training and competitive outfits.

Order sport products online for great prices - at Keller Sports

It's not just in tennis that modern sports clothing and individual fitting products help you to improve your performance and achieve greater success. We'll help you at Keller Sports and offer Lacoste brand ware and other renowned brands at fair prices for your online shopping. In addition to the large selection of Lacoste products, our shop also features sporting goods from Asics, Dunlop and more; brands that have been tightly connected with tennis for decades. You'll find additional information with every item, to enable you to make the correct decision regarding your style preferences and fitness level. Trust in Keller Sports for your sports clothes and products and order online at great prices!