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Holmenkol products make caring for your ski gear much easier. This high-quality ski wax guarantees even more fun on the slopes. Washing powder for your sports clothes is also available and you're particularly sure to love the range of special coatings for functional membranes.

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Oldest ski wax manufacturer in the world

Holmenkol has been a specialist for surface coatings in the sports industry since 1922. In 1928, Holmenkol equipped participants at the second Olympic Winter Games in St. Moritz in the Swiss mountains. This was followed by many more World Championship events. The world's oldest ski wax manufacturer has registed more than 20 patents and its innovative products are sold in more than 50 countries. Holmenkol works very closely with world-class athletes, national teams and ski sports associations and, together with its associated athletes, has enjoyed much international success. Holmenkol products are essential for Nordic and alpine disciplines.

Looking ahead with innovative spirit

Holmenkol is a company steeped in tradition with a history dating back more than 90 years. Formed in 1922 by ski jumper and chemist Max Fischer, the company has worked its way up over the decades to become a world leader. Products are constantly being adapted and further developed to meet growing requirements. In the 1960s, the German company finally established itself on the international market as a specialist for chemical surface coatings. In 2014, Holmenkol relocated its premises from Heimerdingen in Swabia to the site of the lakeside Monrepos palace in Ludwigsburg. Nestled amidst this historical backdrop the brand continues to work on new achievements in the area of ski care.

Ski wax and much more from Holmenkol

Holmenkol produces special washing powder and impregnations for functional shoes and textiles as well as cleaning and care products used by many renowned ski manufacturers. Holmenkol Sport Hygienic includes a high-tech odour absorber that neutralises unpleasant odours inside shoes, backpacks and sports bags and has a fungicidal and disinfecting effect. Holmenkol is internationally renowned for its ski wax. A highlight of the company's history is its development of a colour system for waxing depending on snow quality and temperature. The so-called 3-shot remains very popular today.

Holmenkol edge tools

Holmenkol not only offers ski wax, hygiene and care sprays for sports clothes but also excellent edge tools. These edge tuning tools are designed for skis and snowboards. The integrated file works precisely and rapidly. Various models are available to choose from. One good option is the adjustable edge tool with its large contact area that produces safe, precise results. Certain models include a wide range of accessories such as additional grinding stones, diamond files and much more. The file position is either diagonal or horizontal.

Always well-equipped with Holmenkol

As a skier, snowboarder or outdoor enthusiast, stay well-equipped with Holmenkol care and hygiene products. Sprays significantly increase the lifespan of your sports clothes and maintain their wind and water-resistant properties. Discover the current range from Holmenkol at Keller Sports today and equip yourself with high-quality products for shoes, clothes and ski gear.