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If standard gear doesn't meet your expectations then the bags and backpacks by Heimplanet are for you. They are extremely practical and offer outstanding comfort when travelling. How about an individually adjustable bag or particularly comfy backpack, for example?

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Innovative ideas as a result of a surf trip

During a surf trip in Portugal in 2003, the idea for a completely new type of tent that could be quickly erected and taken down to make camping much easier was born. In 2008 product designer André Poulheim brought the idea of an inflatable tent without poles to fruition. The tent was assembled in less than two minutes. Together with futurist and designer Richard Buckmisnster Fuller, company owners Stefan Clauss and Stefan Schulze Dieckhoff created a geodetic structure that features a large inner volume with a relatively small surface area. The first inflatable geodetic tent, "The Cave", was introduced to the market by the Hamburg-based company in 2011.

Outdoor lifestyle: Heimplanet's declared goal

Heimplanet wants to offer top-quality travel equipment and maximum comfort. Engineers therefore work on consider high functionality as well as innovative and contemporary design when developing these outdoor products. Heimplanet summarises these positive characteristics as "Outdoor Lifestyle". Over time, backpacks and various models of bags were added to Heimplanet's range of inflatable tents. All products share clear, simple design combined with top-quality technical features.

What is special about Heimplanet creations?

The extraordinary thing about Heimplanet products is their clever design. As a result, products such as the bags from the MONOLITH range can be perfectly tailored to meet individual requirements. The design is simple, the concept unique and the functionality is raised to new heights. Custom G-hooks were specially developed for Heimplanet bags. These hooks are more durable and lighter than those made from steel. The brand places high value on individuality. This is also reflected in their range of outdoor products. These include chest and waist straps on backpacks that can be removed if desired. Other features that simplify everyday life. Even with a fully packed backpack you can easily reach your floating pocket, a special bag that is always accessible.

Daypack: a bag for every scenario

Daypacks are one of the most popular products in the Heimplanet range. Originally designed for adventurers and travellers, these spacious bags are also perfect for everyday use. Modern varieties make the perfect accessory for school, uni and work. Most models include a handy laptop compartment, letting you stay well connected while on the move. A key feature is various strap systems that allow you to carry the bag in the way that suits you. The two shoulder straps which transform the Daypack into a handy backpack in a few easy moves can be reattached in the blink of an eye.

Products that arouse curiosity

Heimplanet is a highly dedicated and agile company that constantly surprises with new developments. Their great range of rucksacks are perfect for trekking, hiking and all of your trips. Sports bags can be used for training regardless of whether at the gym or swimming pool. Purchase innovative products from Heimplanet in our online shop today and impress your fellow travellers on your next outdoor adventure with these clever features.


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