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That's why you need Head Ski products

Head skis - hardly any other brand has such a deep relationship with the symbiosis of boards and piste. In fact, Head was once a pioneer. The last century was only about halfway through when Howard Head and his recently founded company invented the sandwich construction for skis: a pressed material mix with a wooden core that allows flexibility and excellent torsion properties. An idea with which Head inspired the entire ski industry, so to speak. Even today, the majority of modern skis are based on Head skis. A lack of know-how has never been a challenge for Head. Nor has a lack of innovative spirit.

Head uses its experience and continues to research new technologies. It wants to optimise its skis for every terrain, for piste and backcountry, for every skiing style, for freestyle, racing and gliding in powder. But that is by no means the end of the story. The focus is not only on the two boards. At the same time, Head Ski develops innovative solutions for bindings and ski boots; which is by no means everything. Because the Head Ski range also includes the entire apparel, ski jackets and trousers, helmets and bags. Versatility meets innovative technologies based on relevant experience. Head Ski products equip you optimally and multidimensionally for the piste, the fun park and the backcountry.

The advantages of the Head ski range

Fully equipped, with the latest ski innovations. With materials that keep you warm and dry, with equipment that protects you. You get all this with Head Ski products:

  • The right ski for every occasion: The Head Ski portfolio offers you the complete range. If speed counts, the brand's race and performance skis create the right conditions. Head also offers all-mountain and freeski models. And of course, women will also find boards tailored exactly to their needs.

  • The right ski boot for the ski: Not only the skis, but also the Head ski boots are precisely tailored to different conditions and challenges. This means that boards and boots fit together perfectly, complementing each other and giving you an even better feeling on the piste or in deep snow.

  • Additional protection through innovative ski helmets: The knowledge that you are protected in case of doubt allows you to enjoy the slopes, fun park and powder a little more carefree. Head Ski therefore develops helmets that adapt perfectly to your head shape and offer the best possible protection in the event of a fall.

  • No ski goggles necessary: Head ski helmets not only offer effective protection, they also reduce your need for additional equipment. Some models have an integrated visor that makes goggles superfluous. This is particularly pleasant if you also wear your glasses while skiing.

  • Functional jackets and trousers: Skis, helmets and ski boots are only part of your ski equipment. The apparel also has to be right. Protect effectively against moisture, wind and cold. Keep you warm, while at the same time allowing maximum freedom of movement and thus supporting your turns and descents in the best possible way. To ensure this, Head ski jackets and trousers for men and women are made of functional materials that fit perfectly in the mountains.

  • Design: Function and technology are one thing, the look is another. That's why Head Ski designs its range in an unobtrusive way, but at the same time with such individuality that you'll stand out everywhere you go. Head ski jackets and ski trousers are mostly monochrome. Ski boots and Head ski helmets are in matt shades, often with trendy neon details. Noble meets style - also in the Head Ski Shop at Keller Sports.

Special features of Head Ski articles

In a way, Head Ski's journey began with an innovation that emphatically changed the entire industry. Commitment? Incentive? Foundation? Either way, even more than 60 years after the first sandwich ski, Head ski products are characterised by ideas that make your experience between the piste and the fun park that bit more fun. For its ski boots, for example, Head developed its Perfect-Fit-Liner. These actively adapt to your foot under the influence of heat and thus increase comfort on the one hand, while on the other hand they provide more support and more effective power transmission to your skis.

The brand also uses Graphene for some of its boots and skis. An incredibly thin and light high-tech material that is nevertheless harder than diamond. This gives you more stability while saving weight at the same time. For its helmets, Head again developed its patent-pending Sphere-Fit system. It adapts to your head in all three dimensions and ensures that it sits comfortably but firmly. And then there are the brand's skis: they convey turning pleasure and stability at the same time. Head skis also save additional weight thanks to Koroyd, which allows for hardly ever seen elasticity without sacrificing robustness.

Popular Head Ski Series

With its Vektor ski boot series, Head Ski addresses every single skier. Especially those who are looking for comfort, but at the same time for the necessary feeling for precise turns. To achieve this, the brand combines several of its innovative technologies. The perfect fit is guaranteed by the combination of Perfect Fit 3D, FormFit and Liquid Fit. The latter allows for optimal adaptation to your anatomy, especially at the ankle and around the heel. With the help of Primaloft, the shoe also keeps your feet pleasantly warm.

Freeriders, on the other hand, like to strap the Head Kore under their bindings. It is pleasantly light and at the same time gives you the freedom to turn and manoeuvrability, making it ideal for trips into deep snow. For the right head protection, Head Ski makes its Knight helmets with an integrated visor, for example, which offers you the necessary UV protection even on sunny days and even comes with an ergonomic neck warmer.

Skis, boots and apparel in the Head Ski Store at Keller Sports

Various Head ski articles in one online store: Skis. Ski boots. Ski helmets. Ski jackets and trousers. Plus premium ski boots from Head. You can get all this in the Head Ski Shop at Keller Sports. You'll find the right boots for different terrains, as well as skis and apparel for men and women. Finally, you can order your favourites online and have your Head ski equipment delivered to your home. You can benefit from our regular sale offers - which you can also combine with our attractive premium discount.



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