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That's why you need HANWAG shoes

Support. Comfort. Breathability. Grip. Protection from the elements. This quintet forms the basis for HANWAG shoes. Premium mountain sports shoes that accompany you into nature in such a way that you don't suddenly have to turn back because you freeze, slip or get blisters. This is crucial because the uneven, sometimes stony mountain paths put additional strain on your feet and ankles. Because you don't want to dodge puddles or turn around every wet root and every damp stone one by one.

Hiking and trekking shoes from HANWAG enable you to walk safely through nature. They reduce the risk of twisting an ankle, slipping or getting blisters. Hans Wagner, a trained shoemaker, once founded the brand, and even today, craftsmanship is still at the heart of the company's philosophy. Accordingly, HANWAG fine-tunes the materials for its shoes, using only the highest quality leather, rubber and lining.

For this, the company relies on the know-how of absolute experts and thus lays the foundation for trekking and hiking shoes that provide support and grip. HANWAG shoes are also breathable and protect against moisture, cold and blisters. HANWAG shoes for men and women are made to accompany you in the mountains in the best possible way and are also tailored to different foot anatomies.

The advantages of HANWAG shoes

HANWAG relies on the tradition of the best shoemaking art for its shoes. The quality is correspondingly high, and the variety of advantages for you on your way through the mountains is correspondingly large:

  • Robustness: HANWAG shoes are made using two techniques that require great craftsmanship. They are either pinched or goat-sewn. As high the level of difficulty, as great the benefit. Because thanks to the two methods, HANWAG shoes are particularly robust.
  • Production with proven partners in Europe: To ensure quality at all times, HANWAG maintains its own production facility in Hungary. For more than 30 years, the brand has been working with a Croatian family business that manufactures only HANWAG shoes. In addition, some of the brand's trekking and hiking shoes are made at the company's headquarters in Vierkirchen near Munich.
  • The right shoe for every foot: HANWAG does not produce this one model that is supposed to fit every foot. Instead, the brand has developed its own last, on the basis of which mountain boots are created for narrow and wide, for women and for men, even for people with hallux valgus.
  • Certified leather: Highest quality. HANWAG makes this claim for every single component of its shoes. That is why the brand not only selects its leather variants (e.g. suede or split leather) specifically, but also pays attention to the tanning processes. HANWAG shoes are always awarded Gold by the Leather Working Group and are therefore particularly environmentally friendly.
  • Excellent support: HANWAG matches the individual parts of its soles - outsole, insole, insole and cushioning - precisely to the upper of the shoe. In this way, all parts harmonise in the best possible way and give you optimum support when walking over rocks and unpaved paths.
  • Different sole setups: Basically, adverse conditions don't necessarily block your way into the mountains - apart from the necessary caution, of course. Especially as HANWAG has the right sole set-up in its repertoire for every weather, for every season. One is based on Michelin tyre profiles. Another is specially adapted for icy trails. In addition, there are variants that offer not only intensive grip, but also particularly effective cushioning.
  • Resole: No matter how good your sole is, at some point its tread will be so worn that it can no longer give you the grip you need. With HANWAG shoes, this doesn't mean the end. In fact, you can have the brand's models resoled and thus wear your hiking or trekking shoe a little longer.

The special features of HANWAG hiking boots

The fit is a unique selling point. HANWAG itself even describes it as legendary. In any case, the brand uses its experience from almost a century of shoe making and developed its special last. They are available for different genders and foot anatomies, even for different applications such as hiking or trekking. TREK shoes from HANWAG are therefore more comfortable than ALPINE variants, which need more support. And in the case of HANWAG shoes, of course, they also provide it.

So you always get exactly the HANWAG shoe that fits your foot and at the same time fulfils the most important criteria for your very own trip to the mountains. This in turn prevents unpleasant pressure points and, of course, blisters. Especially since the brand designs its lining in such a way that no moisture collects inside. This prevents the skin from softening and creating conditions for blisters to form.

The uppers are also breathable, of course - and for extreme conditions you can also find HANWAG shoes with a GORE-TEX® membrane. At the same time, the brand develops grippy soles together with VIBRAM® and MICHELIN®, and also launches its own setups on the market with Integral Light and TubeTec. Together they all offer excellent grip on different surfaces and in different conditions.

Popular HANWAG shoes

Especially those who are drawn to more demanding mountain passages like to choose the HANWAG Makra Low. The sole of this shoe has a particularly aggressive profile, so that you can also step securely on rocks. The upper of the Makra Low is also breathable and waterproof. For even more intensive tours towards the glacier, HANWAG also produces the Makra in a high-cut version, which also allows you a secure step on ice passages. Both versions are also available with a GORE-TEX® membrane.

The same applies to the HANWAG Banks, which is designed for light hikes and mountain hut tours. Made of nubuck, it offers you a high level of comfort. At the same time, a fixed lacing and, of course, exactly the support you need for a hike. For trekking, for example, you can strap the incredibly light, yet high-cut and robust Tatra Light under your feet. Breathability, optimum cushioning and water protection are of course also part of the basic equipment here.

The HANWAG shoe shop - Online at Keller Sports

Buy HANWAG shoes online? At Keller Sports you'll find a large selection, so there's no need for a trip to town. Instead, you can concentrate on planning your trekking excursion, hut tour or high mountain hike and order your HANWAG shoes online. In the HANWAG shoe store at Keller Sports, you can choose your personal favourite from the most popular models of the Upper Bavarian brand.

You choose the setup that suits you best and then have Makra Low or High, Tatra or Banks delivered to your door. You might even benefit from one of our regular HANWAG shoe offers, which our newsletter will keep you up to date on and which you can combine with our popular premium discount.



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