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It was not a free decision. No choice. The weather, the wind, the rain, the cold of Sweden dictated everyday life, dictated work, the way to school, lifestyle. Wiktor Haglöfs was born in the rough, unstable part of Sweden. The breathtaking natural conditions have always been characterized by rough weather conditions. Wiktor Haglöf did not brood out of passion, he brooded out of necessity. His own life and the lives of all those who were exposed to the elements every day should be made easier. Out of this impulse Haglöf founded his own company in 1914 in the middle of Sweden. Haglöfs was born. A unique brand.

Of course, function, hard-wearing materials and innovation are at the top of the list for Intensive acquaintances with the outdoors also among Swedes. But not only that. Haglöfs also thinks of you when you only start out in the direction of nature from time to time, even when you just want to make your everyday life more pleasant - and drier - more enjoyable. That's why the sports brand sees its products more as partners than as equipment. As a partner that accompanies you in every situation in life.


  • Year of foundation: 1914
  • Founder: Wiktor Haglöf
  • Company headquarters: Järfälla (Uppland), Sweden
  • Number of employees: approx. 500
  • Annual turnover: approx. 72 million EUR
  • Website: haglofs.com
  • Sports: Outdoor, Winter Sports


  • Fairness: As a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, Haglöfs is committed to better working conditions in the textile industry.
  • Environmental protection: Many Haglöfs products have been awarded the Bluesign seal, a certification for sustainable production.
  • Multi-functionality: Haglöfs' goal is to create products for every situation in life, so the sports brand's clothing can be used in many ways.


The stylish appearance alone is of course not enough for climbing or skiing, jogging or trekking. Therefore Haglöfs not only uses materials from GORE-TEX, the Swedish sports label also offers L.I.M PROOF. This breathable, at the same time waterproof and fluorocarbon-free material keeps you dry during your tours in nature. Wind stays outside, larger and smaller movements possible at any time thanks to a high percentage of stretch.

Haglöfs Pertex® Microlight is completely made of polyamide, yet windproof, lightweight and durable. In order to further improve insulation, the company has added a special long chamber construction to some of its parts instead of a diamond-shaped chamber. Their sewing process requires only 2,000 stitches instead of the usual 100,000. Fewer holes equal less pull equal less cold inside. The formula is as simple as it is ingenious.

QuadFusion Mimic imitates the insulating properties of down, but absorbs significantly less liquid and remains in place inside the jacket. A cold spell on the slopes? Sudden snowfall during the ski tour? Dressed in haglöfs you have only a fleeting smile left for such challenges.


The decisive factors here are both innovative materials and function, both longevity and sustainability. Haglöfs wants to equip you for every foot you put in front of the door. That's one thing. The other is nature. Because as much as Haglöfs wants to protect you from their moods, the Swedes are very interested in the environment itself. They have developed a method to produce high-quality, hard-wearing outdoor clothing from "ghost nets". Parts of the Nengal and Khione-collection are made of these fishing nets, which are left behind in the sea and later salvaged, in which sea dwellers can get caught.

Haglöfs sees itself as a pioneer. This also means that down, despite its insulating effect, is not used uncontrolled. If Haglöfs uses down, the company uses only waste products from food production - and intensively checks compliance with its guidelines itself. Environment takes the easy way out.

Now if Sweden were not Sweden, they would forget about all that style. Minimalism. Clear forms. Clean designs. Skandi-Chic fits both in the city and in nature. Haglöfs therefore keeps his cuts narrow, with women figure-hugging. However, nobody has to fear a lack of freedom of movement. The function is also given its own chapter in the "Company Bible". In addition, the designs of the jackets, vests and trousers remain clean, thus laying the foundation for pure athleisure.

A Haglöfs jacket is considered Trendsetter among freeriders and other designated outdoor athletes. In many cases the jackets are designed in two colours, a trademark is Zip fasteners in contrasting colours. The eye-catching design is an eye-catcher, quality is even more important to the wearer. The best equipped Haglöfs ski jackets are weatherproof and are worn by freeriders, for example PROOF 2-L material. The PFOS/PFOA-free DWR treatment with the Haglöfs ski jackets is absolutely windproof and protects against the penetration of moisture, the high breathability is provided by the brushed mesh lining.

Weather changes quickly when skiing, at every altitude there are different climatic conditions. Therefore the hood can be adjusted three times, even a helmet fits over it. With a small sleeve pocket, a breast pocket, two centrally placed backpack compatible pockets and two inside pockets , the Haglöfs ski jacket holds everything athletes carry with them. Preformed sleeves and cuffs with a VELCRO® Velcro closure, soft chin protection, one-hand adjustable hem and removable stretch snow flap testify to the manufacturer's extensive experience with genuine skiwear. For trekking even in inhospitable weather many athletes choose a Haglöfs down jacket, which convinces with its very low weight and highest wind and temperature protection.

The jacket can be stowed in the smallest of spaces and is made of tear-resistant Pertex® Quantum material. The manufacturer does not save on the material of the Haglöfs down jacket, the down filling power reaches the value of 800, which can also prevent freezing cold. Due to PFOS/PFOA-free impregnation moisture rolls off, shoulder inserts made of Powerstretch® Polartec® ensure optimum freedom of movement. The HAGLÖFS down jacket holds all utensils in two pockets and one breast pocket, it combines optimal warmth properties with excellent compressibility. The windproof Pertex® Quantum outer material guarantees wind and moisture protection even in very uncomfortable weather.


Now the fire does not stop at clothing. Because Wiktor Haglöf didn't really have anything to do with jackets, trousers and vests at first. The backpack was his attention. That's how the company started. This is how it continues today. The backpacks are functional and - as befits Scandinavians - always stylish. Haglöfs also offers sleeping bags and bags. For mountaineering and trekking, the Swedish manufacturer offers very light, universally usable Outdoor trousers made of softshell, a light collection is suitable for summer activities.

Haglöfs philosophy originates from the enthusiasm for the mountains, winter sports and everything that people love about nature. Wiktor Haglöf dedicated himself to the task of providing the Scandinavians with safety, warmth and comfort in their often inhospitable environment. After all, life in the great outdoors should become more pleasant in every situation. This principle creates an excellent basis for the sports brand. Last but not least, this includes solid craftsmanship, because only first-class quality can withstand the hard Swedish winter.

One orients oneself to the most difficult requirements: Haglöfs clothing and equipment should even perform reliably on a polar expedition. The origin - the pure nature - has never been forgotten by the employees of the company. Therefore, they treat it with care according to the company's own motto "Take Care". Human activities, like any footprint on snow, always leave a trace, but this should not cut into our environment more than necessary. Sustainability is therefore the most important component of Haglöfs' corporate philosophy.



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