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Why you should choose GOREWEAR

GOREWEAR is backed by decades of research and development into performance clothing that works so well that you no longer have to worry about running. After all, running challenges an athlete in many ways: the physical strain is high. You have to deal with different weather conditions and, besides the right running technique, mental condition and a good running rhythm are also crucial.

With the support of world-class athletes, GOREWEAR products are put through their paces time and time again. Solely so that your running experience improves in the end. So you can focus on running and not worry about what the temperature is outside. Or whether you're visible, or whether you'll have to turn back if the weather changes. The GOREWEAR Shop from Keller Sports makes sure of that.

The advantages of GOREWEAR: Perfect moisture management

GOREWEAR always tries to help athletes strive for new heights with innovative products. In this way, runners can raise their personal bar a little further every day. Perfect moisture management of the running equipment is essential for this, so that you can be on the move in any weather and on any terrain. Whereas in the past you jogged in soaked cotton T-shirts, in which you first sweated and then froze, today the latest synthetic fibres from GOREWEAR ensure maximum breathability.

If you start to sweat at some point during your training, the GOREWEAR fabric immediately wicks moisture away to the outside. Your body temperature remains stable and your skin stays dry. This means you can concentrate on the course at all times without having to worry about wind or too much sun.

Running shirts, running shorts, tights and jackets - GOREWEAR

GOREWEAR is known worldwide for its waterproof GORE-TEX fabric, which the label supplies to countless outdoor manufacturers. However, the company markets its own creations under the name GOREWEAR. The high-quality products for hobby runners and professional athletes always impress with their simple, timeless style and maximum athletic performance.

GOREWEAR apparel for runners is particularly breathable, fast-drying and comfortable to wear on the skin. The range in our GOREWEAR Store includes everything runners need for their training: From running shirts, running longsleeves and running jackets to running tights, running shorts and accessories such as running gloves and running caps. GOREWEAR running is divided into different product lines:

  • Thermo: For example, the sports trousers and fitness shirts from the "Thermo" range are ideal for colder, dry days or, together with a thicker outer layer, are even suitable for freezing weather. The compact insulation allows unrestricted freedom of movement in every situation.

  • Contest: The "Contest" line, on the other hand, is designed for demanding training and competitions in hot temperatures. Made of barely noticeable material that makes you forget you're wearing a highly functional shirt at all. Perfect for long days on the trail or the marathon.

  • Windstopper: If you need light but reliable protection from the elements during your training instead, reach for the GOREWEAR running jackets with Windstopper technology. The absolutely windproof and extremely breathable membrane blocks wind and allows water vapour to escape to the outside. This combination of protection and breathability minimises the wind chill effect and at the same time reduces the risk of overheating during physical activity. The durable impregnation of the outer material provides additional water-repellent protection.
    Elastic cuffs and a thumbhole on each sleeve also ensure a perfect fit during your run. An extended back section protects your back from the cold. Reflective details also offer you safety at dusk. Depending on the weather or your preference, you can choose from different sleeve lengths and collar options - right up to the half-zip with stand-up collar. This means you can concentrate on the course at all times without having to worry about the weather - and enjoy the pure joy of running.

The GOREWEAR Shop at Keller Sports

In the GOREWEAR Shop at Keller Sports you will ultimately find everything you need for your running training or competition. Whether it's a road, forest path or tartan track, whether you're an ambitious professional or a relaxed leisure jogger - with GOREWEAR for women and men, you're well equipped for all occasions. The running shirts, trousers, hoodies and jackets offer moisture-wicking material qualities, movement-friendly cuts and timeless design.

In the GOREWEAR Store at Keller Sports you can conveniently order your new running outfit online with just a few mouse clicks. Or you can order important training accessories from our GOREWEAR range. And if you subscribe to our newsletter, you can stay up to date with attractive and combinable discount offers for GOREWEAR.