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When Vieve and Bill Gore founded W.L. Gore & Associates in the basement of their house in 1958, they had a vision - probably not this vision. Because the beginnings of the company had relatively little to do with sports and perhaps the most innovative materials in the sportswear industry. The electronics sector was in focus. Until 1969, when his son Bob discovered a versatile polymer that paved Gore's way into a wide variety of industries. The company's products even made it into space travel, but it is above all known for medical technology and sportswear. GORE Wear. Two words that today are synonymous with weatherproof, breathable, innovative outdoor clothing. Two words that form the basis for intensive excursions in the mountains, on the road, in the forest - wherever you prefer to put on your running shoes or go on a bike tour.


GORE® Wear is a team of athletes and scientists. Its headquarters are located close to the German Alps – home to some of the most inviting endurance sports terrain in the world. The wide range of weather conditions offers the variety of testing possibilities they need – to create products that work, and to improve the endurance sports experience.

Today everything starts in the lab. There is seldom room for chance. Because the goal of GORE Wear was and is to develop products that benefit and provide added value. This is the focus. Therefore all new products and all new materials are subjected to intensive laboratory tests. Under simulation of the most varied weather conditions, athletes push the latest innovations to their limits under real conditions. In this way GORE Wear ensures that what you get in the end is really suitable to accompany you during your runs.

As "form follows function" GORE itself describes its approach, but therefore does not neglect the look and style. Discreet design fits into every life and run situation and makes you look good even during fast and intensive runs in the city. True to the guiding principle "Revolutionize your run" we continue to research and work on developing robust and even more comfortable clothing for top-class sports to motivate you to top performance. Brand ambassador Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland) - respectfully called "Spartacus" by his top names - won the World Time Trial Champion title four times during his cycling career and has relied exclusively on cycling clothing from GORE Wear since 2016.

The brand Ambassadors Agnes Fischer (Germany) and Fredrik Stormo (Norway) are also fully clothed by GORE Wear. For GORE RUNNING Wear, the ultra-runners and extreme athletes Zac Marion (USA), Michael Arend (Germany) and Florian "Flow" Neuschwander (Germany) get equipped with GORE Wear. With a distance of 100 km, the Ultra-Run is certainly the toughest running challenge and places extreme demands on equipment and athletes.


  • Founding year: 1958
  • Founder: Bill Gore, Vieve Gore
  • Company headquarters: Newark (Delaware), USA
  • No. of employees: over 10.000
  • Annual turnover: over 2.5 Mill. EUR
  • Website: gorewear.com
  • Sports: Running, Bike


  • Awards: In 2017 GORE received the "Great Place to Work Legend" award from Fortune Magazine.
  • Environmental protection: GORE Wear® relies on durable materials that meet the requirements of the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
  • Fairness: Responsibility, integrity and ethics are central components of Gore's corporate philosophy.


The most central component of corporate DNA, however, is the pursuit of innovation. Fortunately. Only in this way was it possible for the company, which today is one of the 200 largest privately owned US companies, to develop some of the most famous and popular functional materials for outdoor clothing.

For example, you will find GORE-TEX not only in the brand's own products. Other companies also use the water- and windproof, at the same time breathable membrane. They are 20,000 times smaller than drops of water, but 700 times larger than a molecule of water vapour. The result: rain stays outside, sweat evaporates, you enjoy your run regardless of external conditions.

GORE Windstopper in turn prevent intensive wind from whistling through the pores of your clothing, at the same time allowing sweat to escape unhindered. Whenever, wherever you want to run or cycle, GORE Wear offers you materials that make the view out of the window unnecessary, that protect you from rain, wind and cold. That's why ultra-runners as well as professional and hobby athletes rely on the expertise of GORE Wear when it comes to the right clothing for the next run - with GORE Running Wear.


GORE WEAR provides the following Notes and tips for the care of clothing and textiles (see https://www.gore-tex.de/node/2941)

  • GORE-TEX wash: Wash outerwear in the washing machine at max. 40°C in the gentle cycle (easy care), spin at low speed, do not bleach, use small amount of liquid detergent. Chemical cleaning should not be used.
  • GORE-TEX in the dryer: Gently dry outerwear in the dryer at low speed. Impregnations can be reactivated by a gentle drying process of max. 20 minutes. GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY textiles must not be tumble dried.
  • GORE-TEX impregnation: If the impregnation needs to be renewed, a suitable impregnation spray should be applied to the clothing and the part then dried for 20 minutes at low speed and temperature. Textiles with GORE-TEX Active SHAKEDRY and SHAKEDRY technology are excluded from this treatment.

As a special service, GORE Wear also offers a Premium cleaning and impregnation service for its garments (see manufacturer: https://service.gore-tex.de/shop/de/).


But when it comes to runningwear, the successful company also thinks primarily of the needs of athletes when developing its outfit systems. Whether urban, trail or long-distance runners: GORE Running Wear is based in its design philosophy on the development of innovations. Waterproof and windproof materials protect against cold and wet running today as yesterday.

They fit tightly like a second skin and therefore do not represent air resistance. The fit of GORE Bike Wear garments is adapted to the needs of cycling movements. But not only the aerodynamics are right, also the materials used are equally robust and resistant - athletes want to be able to train outside in any weather. This is important for your fitness and at the same time gives you the freedom to do what you want and when you want. This makes cyclingwear only efficient and functional if it protects you in all weathers.

The Gore Bike Wear meets exactly these criteria: It is windproof, waterproof and also breathable. The Running Wear for men and women is suitable for a variety of different types of runners. In the Gore Wear Shop the triathlete or extreme runner will find his running outfit as well as the fitness and weekend runner.



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