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Why you need Giro cycle helmets

Giro cycle helmets should be part of every tour. On the fast way to the restaurant as well as on the trail or country road, up almost endless serpentines. Wherever you are, a bicycle helmet increases your safety. Especially when it doesn't just rely on a hard shell and a padded interior, but gives you additional innovations for your tour. Giro has therefore set itself the goal of equipping its cycle helmets in such a way that you feel the necessary safety and thus have the basis to go that little bit further.

Faster. Longer. More adventurous. Always with the best possible protection. To achieve this, Giro turns its focus to every little detail. Aerodynamics meet technologies that soften a possible impact. Innovative ventilation systems meet smart solutions for a clear view on the bike. Already in the 1980s, Giro turned the bike world upside down with its helmet designs and still provides you with the perfect mix of protection and performance support today.

Advantages of Giro bike helmets

With Giro, you will find exactly the bike helmet you need for your excursions on the bike. The brand provides you with different innovations that perfectly suit your respective situation in the saddle:

  • Low weight: Protection that you hardly notice. This is what Giro bike helmets offer you. Because the brand reduces the weight as much as possible and uses light materials, thanks to which you only feel the helmet when it is needed.
  • For different styles: speed is what counts on the road bike, additional protection from dirt and small stones on the mountain bike. That's why Giro bike helmets are precisely tailored to the respective situation and thus combine the best possible protection with the best possible performance. At the same time, at Giro you will find bike helmets that you can use both on and off the road.
  • Aerodynamics: Of course, air resistance should be as low as possible - and ensuring this has been Giro's driving force since its founding. This is made possible by smartly placed vents, aerodynamic shapes or sometimes integrated cycling glasses that support the optimal air flow in the best possible way.
  • Smart details: You want to stay visible on the road and trail, even in the twilight. That's why many Giro cycling helmets offer reflective elements. Moisture-wicking, sometimes even antibacterial pads promote a comfortable feeling.
  • Ventilation: Heat build-up under the helmet can quickly make a tour uncomfortable. That's why Giro generously provides its helmets with ventilation holes. Some of them have 21, other models in our Giro bike helmet store have 15 - of course, always with maximum helmet stability.
  • Innovative technologies: Giro actively pushes the development towards more safety. For this, the brand takes functioning technologies as a starting point and works on them with researchers until the next level is reached. This is how Giro helmets provide even more protection for the head.
  • Design: Giro bicycle helmets primarily serve to protect, but the brand does not ignore the visual aspect. They combine curved, elegant shapes with matt, monochrome designs and thus create eye-catchers.

Giro cycle helmets - The special features

The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System - MIPS for short - has long since proven its worth. It also cushions the rotational movements acting on the head during a fall and thus protects the brain. Giro has taken this concept even further with its Spherical technology, which the brand uses for some of its premium bike helmets. It is based on two layers, one inner and one outer, which rotates around the inner one should an impact occur.

This mobility helps reduce rotational forces on the head and thus the brain. In addition to safety, Giro also increases the comfort of all its bike helmet models for men and women. Responsible for this are Giro's Ionic+ pads, which on the one hand provide a pleasant wearing feeling and on the other hand effectively absorb sweat - and they are anti-microbacterial.

Popular Giro bike helmet series

Giro's Helios helmets with Spherical technology offer maximum protection on the road bike. It helps to reduce rotational forces on the head should you fall. In addition, they have 15 ventilation holes and Giro's patented Roc Loc 5 Air Fit system, which further improves ventilation. Source helmets from Giro also rely on the proven MIPS technology. Thanks to their removable shield, they are ideal for touring on a mountain bike. Especially as Giro's Roc Loc 5 adjustment system allows for precise adjustment to your head.

The Giro bike helmet shop from Keller Sports

You need protection on a gravel bike as well as on a road bike, on a mountain bike as well as in the city. Only the right bike helmet can ensure that. In the Giro bike helmet shop at Keller Sports you can choose your favourite from a whole range of Giro bike helmets. You can choose between the Radix mountain bike helmet by Giro, special Giro road bike helmets like the Foray, the Giro Aether MIPS or the Helios Spherical. You can order all Giro bike helmets for men and women online in our Giro bike helmet store. You also have the chance to take advantage of one of our sale offers at almost any time and secure attractive prices.