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With his arms torn steeply upwards, Boris Becker tips towards the net. Kevin Curren had no other choice but to transport the German's serve by frame towards the grandstand. Game, set and match, Becker. In the Wimbledon final. With 17 years. Nobody was younger. Nobody dressed better. Because when Boris Becker tore his arms up, he presented who had made sure of his stylish appearance. The subtle message: When it came to clothing, the teenager had taken expertise and experience on the sacred lawn.

Unlike Becker, Ellesse already had a wealth of experience at his disposal in 1985. Founded in 1959 by Leonardo Servadio in Perugia, the brand was initially dedicated to skiing. But the mountains were one thing, the tennis court the other, the second mainstay of the Brand. A similarly profitable one. Becker, Mats Wilander and Pat Cash, some of the greatest legends of white sports, used the stylish designs of Ellesse. Appearance and play were to merge to a unity - and it succeeded...


Ellesse did pioneering work. Where others were still looking for ways to find their way in sports OR fashion, the Italian brand simply combined both. It was not enough to produce functional clothing for tennis courts. The street was also to turn around as soon as Ellesse products entered the asphalted catwalk. Even before anyone talked about athleisure, the brand was already combining streetstyle and fashion with function. Always there: the iconic logo. Half tennis ball, half tips of skis. While other brands still shyly hid their logo in the 70s and 80s, Ellesse moved its two cornerstones into the centre of attention.

Tennis and ski, plus Leonardo Servadio, an L an S, pronounced Ellesse. Two initials, one fire. A promise. That's why they were one of the first brands to put their logo on their Ellesse articles in a large, central and highly visible way, and in the 80s they also published iconic advertisements, commercials and even calendars. But design was only one side, technology the other. Form and function run in unison. With his "Pneu System", Ellesse developed an innovative cushioning system for tennis shoes and repeatedly tailored the right fabrics for intensive duels on the court. The functional addition to elegance and style.


  • Founding year: 1959
  • Company founders: Leonardo Servadio
  • Company headquarters: London
  • Number of employees: approx. 50
  • Annual turnover: about 158 million Euro
  • Website:
  • Sports: Tennis


  • Design: Ellesse is considered one of the pioneers of the athleisure idea.
  • Awards: The Jet Pant by Ellesse was exhibited in the 1980s at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.
  • Für Hobby & Profi-Sport: tennis court or street. Ellesse products work both for sports and leisure.


With Ellesse articles you bring a small portion of street style to the tennis court. The iconic designs of the brand oscillate skilfully between sport and street, between fashion and function. Especially important: eye-catching, but never sensational colour combinations, retro designs that also attract attention on the streets of London and New York. And at Keller Sports you can get the stylish Tennis clothing from Ellesse online. Over the shirt or polo you put on the Ellesse training jacket, protect yourself against the sun with a visor or cap, slip on the matching tennis skirt or the right short. You can also find functional tights, long trousers, ladies' tops, tennis dresses and sports bras in Keller Sports' Ellesse Shop - often at particularly attractive prices in the Ellesse Sale.


Sport celebrinenz and Ellesse have been working together for decades. Becker, Wilander and Cash, Anna Kournikova and Arantxa Sánchez Vicario have of course focused on the court. You go one step further. Tuesdays at the duel between the baseline and the T-line, Saturdays at the relaxed evening in the bar. Ellesse products play along with the change between sport and leisure. Especially since the apparel of the brand has long since been an icon and has almost become a cultural asset. Athleisure in its purest form - that's exactly what every Ellesse style gives you.


The fashion and sports world had quickly convinced Ellesse's styles - and even the art scene took notice. And justifiably so, because the Jet Pant was such a perfect piece of fabric that it was exhibited in one of the planet's most renowned art houses. There was no other way. So in 1979 the Centre Pompidou in Paris Ellesses Jet Pant was part of an event to celebrate Italian design. Art came along with sport and fashion. Another component that the Italian brand easily masters.


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