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That's why you need DYNAFIT shoes

DYNAFIT shoes are, in a way, a logical consequence of experience gained. After all, it wasn't enough for the brand to equip some of the best ski athletes on the planet: as early as the 1970s, the legendary Franz Klammer won the downhill on the Schladminger Planai and Olympic gold with the brand's ski boots. Today, DYNAFIT feels at home everywhere in the alpine world and therefore wants to equip you with the best possible equipment for mountain endurance sports.

The proverbial basis: DYNAFIT shoes, for which the brand focuses on trail running and mountaineering. On the one hand, you need grippy soles that offer grip at all times, even on loose, rocky, slippery ground. In addition, pleasant cushioning that is easy on the joints and provides energy for the next step. To avoid sudden twisting, your foot should sit firmly in the shoe during a trail run, but not get any pressure points or rub against the material.

The upper should therefore be soft and robust. And breathable. At the same time, it has to keep moisture out. DYNAFIT shoes combine all these qualities. To achieve this, the company conducts its own research into innovative materials. It works with partners who provide additional know-how directly from mountain sports and thus specifically advance the development of DYANAFIT trail runners.

The advantages of DYNAFIT shoes

A reliable partner for your runs in the mountains. That's exactly what DYNAFIT straps under your feet. Comfort. Safety. Sustainability. DYNAFIT shoes offer you various advantages:

  • The latest materials: As much as DYNAFIT equipment is reduced to its essence, not leaving too much anywhere, the brand focuses on materials. On lightweight, functional high-tech materials. This means you can hardly feel your DYNAFIT shoe when you run, yet you still get exactly the amount of support and protection you need.

  • Innovation: DYNAFIT shoes don't rely on second-hand information. The brand's experts research and test themselves in order to revolutionise trail runners and mountaineering shoes immediately.

  • Effective cushioning: Uneven surfaces produce unforeseen impacts that naturally want to be cushioned. The cushioning of DYNAFIT shoes is tailored precisely to these conditions and thus offers you effective protection during your runs over trails and mountain paths.

  • Use for the snow leopard: Its elegance and speed in the mountains is emblematic of DYNAFIT. It serves as an orientation guide. That's why the brand not only carries the snow leopard in its coat of arms, it also actively campaigns for its protection. To this end, it works together with the Snow Leopard Trust, which is looking for ways to save the endangered animal from extinction.

  • Shoe setups for the mountains: The uneven, rocky trails and paths in the mountains place their own demands on soles and cushioning. Some DYNAFIT shoes therefore have a special alpine construction that is precisely designed for the stresses that occur in the mountains and thus comfortably and safely supports your foot.

  • Development with experienced partners: DYNAFIT works closely with alpine associations throughout Europe and seeks exchange. The experiences of those who know the conditions in the mountains best flow into the shoe development.

  • Sustainability: DYNAFIT sees nature as far more than just a huge adventure playground. The brand wants to do its part to protect it and uses bluesign®-certified materials as much as possible for its shoes. The seal aims for sustainable solutions in textile production.

  • Fairness: DYNAFIT has also joined the Fair Wear Foundation. The organisation campaigns for fair working conditions in clothing and textile production.

Special features of DYNAFIT shoes

Wafer-thin, sock-like upper materials that give you support on the one hand and allow your feet to breathe on the other. DYNAFIT shoes that you hardly notice, some of which are additionally reinforced with a GORE-TEX® membrane. They are just the beginning. Because DYNAFIT protects your feet even more from chafed spots and blisters. Many of the DYNAFIT shoes are equipped with a seamless tongue construction, thanks to which nothing rubs unnecessarily on the back of your foot.

DYNAFIT also uses the Heel Preloader. An element that improves the fit around the heel and gives you both support and additional comfort. The aggressive profile of the POMOCA outsole provides grip on both wet and dry surfaces. In many DYNAFIT boot models, this works perfectly with a rounded Alpine Rocker sole construction.

To protect particularly sensitive areas from impacts from rocks, DYNAFIT provides some of its shoes with reinforcements, for example around the toes. At the same time, the brand often hides the lacing under an additional thin layer of fabric. This prevents small stones from penetrating the inside. Some models are also available with quicklacing lacing - and of course both women and men will find DYNAFIT shoes tailored to their respective foot anatomy.

Popular shoe series from DYNAFIT

With the DYNAFIT FELINE, the company delivers an all-round trail runner for different terrains. Thanks to the grippy POMOCA sole as a base and heel preloader, it provides support and hold, as well as effective cushioning. In addition, there is the Invisible Lacing, proven in DYNAFIT shoes, where a thin layer of fabric covers the lacing. The GTX version offers additional protection with a GORE-TEX® membrane. If you are regularly drawn to high alpine trails, the extremely light DYNAFIT SKY PRO is a good choice.

This DYNAFIT boot gets additional grip from the VIBRAM MEGAGRIP rubber compound. It also has the DYNASHELL gaiter, which extends over the ankle and thus helps to keep mud and stones out. The DYNAFIT ULTRA has a breathable, comfortable 3D mesh upper construction. It also has a seamless tongue, a POMOCA sole and a curved Alpine rocker. This makes your step in the mountains even safer. Additional protection against impacts is provided by TPU reinforcements around the toes.

The DYNAFIT shoe shop at Keller Sports

You can find DYNAFIT shoes online at Keller Sports - and exactly the DYNAFIT outdoor shoe that best suits your requirements. You can get different models, including the FELINE and the ULTRA. In addition, there are different colourways for men and women, which you can use to adapt the look of the shoe to your taste.

Further search filters help you to find the DYNAFIT offer that is exactly tailored to you. Once selected, you can order your DYNAFIT shoe online at Keller Sports and have it delivered to your home. Often even with an attractive price advantage. We also regularly have attractive sales offers for DYNAFIT shoes in stock.



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