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Each time passion and stress lay close together. Before the adventure on the mountain there was always also the effort around the luggage. First they squeezed out the pack, then they dragged it, in the end maybe an extra payment for bulky luggage. A well-known procedure for outdoor sportsmen of all colours. In 2009, freeskier Jon Olsson and product developer Truls Brataas met in Norway and got into conversation. They quickly found similarities.

Here her passion for travelling around the world, for the search for ski trips with a tendency to epic: the shining side of the medal. There the cumbersome packing of equipment into impractical bags and suitcases and the stress at the airport with bulky luggage: the dark side of power. Truls Brataas said later, when the practical douchebags were already on the market, and continued: "This stark contrast: our love of sport on the one hand, the stress of accommodating the right equipment on the other...". Olsson and Brataas actually resolved this contradiction with their douchebags products.


To really create the perfect douchebags, Olsson and Brataas gathered information from over 150 skiers, snowboarders, airlines and airport baggage handlers. They worked together with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology - and presented the brilliant result in 2012. With nothing less than the world's lightest ski bag at the time, which was also adjustable in length and completely foldable, douchebags landed a tailor-made debut. It was raining awards from the Travelgear segment.

Outside Magazine even described douchebags first strike as "the best ski bag ever? Since then, the aim of the fire has been to enable people to travel the way they want, while having everything they need with them. Full bags without stress. A stroke of genius that is topped by the elegant design: Scandinavian simple is the motto. The simple logo, a simple symbiosis of D and B, is also emblazoned unobtrusively on the practical Brand bags and backpacks.


  • Foundation Year: 2012
  • Company Founder: Truls Brataas & Jon Olsson
  • Company Headquarters: Oslo (Norway)
  • Number Of Employees: About 50
  • Annual Turnover: about 8 million euros
  • Website: douchebags.com
  • Sports: Outdoor


  • Awards: Already douchebags first Skibag was described by Outdoor Magazine as "the best Skibag of all times".
  • Multi-Functionality: The aim of douchebags is to combine urban and sporty lifestyle. In return, the brand is based on the elegant Scandinavian design.
  • Professional Input: Jon Olsson's own experience as a ski professional prompted the Swede to found douchebags.


Relaxed travelling, packaged in Scandinavian design art. Also at Keller Sports! In our douchebags shop you can get exactly the douchebag you need for your trip from the bag to the ski bag to the weekend bag, trolley, backpack, bike or laptop bag. For long journeys as well as for short excursions we give you the suitable piece of luggage on the way. A central aspect of the douchebags are the specially developed ABS ribs, which give the products enormous stability. To protect your equipment, the fire borrowed from the human thorax and gave his pockets a ribbed structure.

In addition, there are waterproof materials, practical and smartly placed pockets for smartphones and chargers, and of course laptop compartments. Your trolleys equip the fire with large, optimally functioning castors. With the practical hookup system, you can also easily attach your douchebag backpack to the matching bag and pull the entire weight of your equipment behind you. Once you have arrived, you open the compartments with just one movement and have direct access to your most important things. Relaxed travel is not possible.


Jon Olsson himself knows best what he has in his douchebags products. As a freeskier, he landed eleven times on the podium of the Winter X Games, hosted Big Air events himself and traveled around the world in search of extreme descents. Without a lot of luggage there was not much to do. So Olsson knows the challenges, the stress, the inconveniences. The perfect basis to search for and find creative solutions. Olsson and his team are now developing products that other athletes such as MMA fighter Emil Valhalla Meek, mountain biker Ida Jansson or slopestyle biker Max Frederiksson have long been using. Thus douchbags provides its athletes on their travels to new trails and expeditions with the best possible bags for their equipment. But you can also benefit from Olsson's expertise - no matter whether you are drawn to the mountains, the sea or the nearest town with your sports equipment.


Only chance has no place in the douchebags. The fact that the bags, trolleys and backpacks support you so practically on your travels is based on a fixed formula, on the five design principles of Brand. This means: douchebags are basically adjustable in length and capacity and are easy to carry thanks to additional straps and handles. While a special construction protects your equipment in the best possible way, light weight prevents overly strenuous towing. And once you've reached your destination, simply roll or fold your douchebag together to conveniently stow it away. This is the only way for the Norwegian brand to reach its goal: to improve every single trip with the help of smart Travelgear.



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