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The shoemaker Marcello Danieli had a vision when he founded Diadora in 1948: to create mountaineering and work shoes of the highest possible quality. Accordingly, the Italian initially specialized in pushing into this niche. With success: In the 1950s Diadora became an absolute pioneer in this field, equipping mountaineers and factory workers with particularly high-quality and, above all, safe shoes. A decade later, the company devoted itself to an increasingly popular sport: skiing. Diadora produced ski boots and après-ski boots on an industrial scale. The shoe specialists have always had a flair for using the spirit of the times to their advantage. In the 1970s, Diadora jumped on the bandwagon of the steadily growing professional sports boom at an early stage, winning well-known stars as testimonials. Tennis icon Björn Borg, for example, rushed from victory to victory in Diadora products. Italian football striker Roberto Bettega, who at the time was regarded as one of the best of his trade, also scored his numerous goals in Diadora shoes. Hardly any sporting goods manufacturer at that time was able to let such legendary athletes appear under its flag. From a marketing point of view, Diadora also succeeded in making a promising coup.


The brand name Diadora comes from the Greek and means "to share gifts and duties". This mantra has always been anchored in the company's self-image. Accordingly, 'sharing success, team spirit in professional sport and a competition in which competitors and opponents are treated fairly are just some of the principles that make up the brand'. Apropos success: For Diadora there was only one direction also in the eighties: upwards. In the meantime, the Italians had developed into a global player not only with regard to skiing, tennis and football. They had also discovered track and field athletics, and were now also involved in the Olympic Games. No reason for the Italians to rest: Diadora set up its own research centre with the "CRD", bringing together shoemakers, bioengineers and medical specialists under one roof for even more innovations.


  • Foundation Year: 1948
  • Company Founder: Marcello Danieli
  • Company Headquarters: Caerano di San Marco (Italy)
  • Number Of Employees: > 200
  • Annual Turnover: EUR> 300 million
  • Website:
  • Sports: Tennis, Running


  • In-house Production: For Diadora, "Made in Italy" is in the foreground, the company produces in Italy.
  • For Hobby & Professional Sports: Diadora looks back on a long tradition in professional sports and uses this expertise for hobby sports.
  • Technology: Diadora products are technologically advanced and a real eye-catcher thanks to their Italian design.


In the Diadora brand shop at Keller Sports you will find running shoes for women and men as well as all clothing for tennis. So are you looking for the right companion for your next run? Then you will find in our Diadora brand shop a huge selection of shoes for every surface and running style. You need the perfect equipment for your next tennis match? At Keller Sports you will also find the right shoes for this among the many Diadora offers. But not only that, we also have fancy tennis shirts, shorts, jackets and skirts in the Diadora Sale. So you're equipped all around and trendy for your next adventure on the street or on the court.


To this day, an oversized poster by Boris Becker hangs in Diadora's Italian headquarters. A picture reminiscent of the glorious years of German men's tennis. Becker started in Diadora shoes to his famous pike in Wimbledon, grabbed like Björn Borg before several prestigious titles around the globe. Diadora therefore knows what it takes to be successful after the yellow felt ball. Special soles and abrasion-resistant rubber for hard floors and sand courts and breathable shirts allow you to inflate like the greats of white sports once did.


It is not common for a company to return home with its production outsourced to Asia. Diadora did this in 2016, realizing that "Made in Italy" still stands for outstanding quality in sports footwear and apparel. That pays off. Thanks to its striking design, Diadora has long since become an in-brand in the atleisure sector and is also convincing from a technological point of view. Be it the innovative Blushield technology used in running shoes and tennis shoes, special active heel wedges or the ergonomic Morpho base in the shoes. Diadora shines on all possible levels and impresses hobby and professional athletes with its products. "Our dream is to grow beyond our successes," Enrico Moretti Polegato is quoted on Diadora's website. The CEO is the face of the upswing that the Italian sporting goods manufacturer has experienced in recent years. This is also due to the fact that the company based near Venice always adheres to its formula for success: To create the perfect link between technology, style and practicality.


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