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At Keller Sports you will find a wide range of freeride and freestyle ski boots made by the Italian brand Dalbello. Numerous top athletes from different countries have stood at the top of the winner's podium in these extremely high-quality boots. Even if you're not after a medal, you will discover an extremely reliable companion in Dalbello ski boots.

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8 Recommendations

brand: Dalbello

Dalbello: made for winners!

In the year 1974 shoemakers Giovanna and Alessandro Dal Bello set up the ski boot company Dalbello in the Italian mountain village of Asolo. In the early 60s they had gathered ideas in the Swiss ski boot factory Henke. They started working for them making leather boots under contract and functioned on a piece-work basis in Italy. Not entirely satisfied with this and looking for more of a challenge, the Dal Bellos began to exploit their own creative potential and develop their own ski boots. The first Dalbello ski boots were launched on the market in Austria in the 1970s. In the meantime, more than 40 years have passed. The company still produces their ski boots in their own factory in Italy.

With innovation to success

Dalbello entered the business at a time when groundbreaking technology and change were the norm. New ski models, bindings, boots, clothing and other accessories were appearing on the market every day. The engineers at Dalbello played a significant role in the technological revolution. In the 70s the brand began to use more and more plastic, rather than leather, in the manufacturing of their boots. In the 80s Dalbello increasingly focused their attention on racing. Among the top athletes under contract was Steve McKinney, who held two world records. Wearing Dalbello ski boots, in 1982 he reached a top speed of 201 kilometres per hour.

Dalbello - the difference is in the detail

In the early 90s the company developed a worldwide sales network, branching out in all directions with connections in Australia, Japan, North America and Europe. The reason for their international success was the exceptionally high quality. Even then, their ski boots were highly appealing thanks to their excellent fit and an unprecedented lightness. In the year 1997 the boot maker and tester collaborated to develop the first special carving boot, which was launched as the Carvex series. These models offer greater lateral support as well as a progressive, soft flex.

Bringing new ideas into the 21st century

In the new millennium Dalbello started a skier development project based on a idea put forward by freeskier Glen Plake. Together with professional skiers, the Dalbello engineers worked meticulously to create the most high-performance boots of all time. They tested the existing products that were available on the market. Then they ventured into the creation of the most technologically innovative, but also most radical ski boots. The team of experts included, among others, successful X-Games champion and freestyler Tanner Hall and Olympic winners Nick Goeppler, Sean Pettit, Kevon Roland and Russ Henshaw.

Ski like a world champion with Dalbello

If you're not satisfied with mediocrity and only the best is good enough for you, at Keller Sports you are bound to find a model for you among the Dalbello ski boot range. With these boots you will master every jump in freestyle, snowboard at record speeds down the mogul slopes and send your adrenaline levels soaring in ski cross. These dashing Italian boots are also excellent for freeriding off piste. Try them - you'll love them!


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