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brand: Dachstein


Who, like the Austrian mountain and hiking shoe specialists from Dachstein, can look back on almost one hundred years of company history, undoubtedly has a lot of experience in his field. Dachstein produces today mountain shoes, which also the blind mountaineer Andy Holzer trusts. So that you too can become a real summit stormer in the future, we will now take you on a Dachstein time travel.


The history of hiking-, mountain- and leisure shoes von Dachstein begins in Upper Austria in 1925. In Molln, a tranquil market town with just 3,500 inhabitants, master shoemaker Anton Lintner opened a small shoemaker's workshop and named his shoes after the highest mountain in the region, 2,995 metres high. At that time it was not yet possible to think of leisure activities or even mass sports in the mountains, but 20 years later things looked different. Lintner's son had taken over his father's shop in the meantime, brought a breath of fresh air with him and quickly started the industrial production of the first hiking shoes, only to include ski boots in his programme shortly afterwards.

As early as 1958, Dachstein produced around 2,000 hiking boots a day in his Mollner factory and continued to focus on combining the art of shoemaking with innovation in the development of new models. In 1970 Dachstein then started a new chapter in the company's history: the industrial production of shell ski boots, into which not only countless hobby skiers slipped, but also numerous ski racers Olympic victories and world champion titles could be won. The subsequent invention of the central entrance for ski boots and the use of the innovative PU sole technology, which laid the foundation for all today's hiking boots, continue to bear witness to Dachstein's company philosophy of always focusing on functionality and avoiding standstill.


  • Founding year: 1925
  • Company founder: Anton Lintner
  • Company headquarters: Bergheim/Salzburg, Austria
  • Number of employees: 11
  • Annual turnover: more than 7 million EUR
  • Website: dachsteinschuhe.com
  • Sports: Outdoor


  • Design: For the winter collection 18/19 Dachstein cooperates with the hip designer Lena Hoschek. Together they bring five different shoes for women onto the market.
  • For amateur and professional sports: Dachstein concentrates on its core business: developing high-quality shoes for outdoor use. Nobody can fool them here, which is why they are the best choice for everyone - from amateur mountaineers to Everest conquerors.
  • Awards: Dachstein's "Ocean Collection" received an ISPO award in the "Urban" segment. The nylon for the shoes is made of recycled plastic waste from the oceans.


The production of ski boots was discontinued in 2003 and Dachstein was newly founded in 2013 as Dachstein Outdoor & Lifestyle GmbH after various name changes, but the further cooperation with top athletes did not stop. Current shoe models have long been developed in cooperation with successful mountaineers such as Andy Holzer. The blind extreme mountaineer, who already conquered the Seven Summits and also the Mount Everest, is significantly involved in the development of the current high-performance model "Sensitivity".

This trekking and hiking shoe gives you a particularly sensitive feedback of the respective underground by the thinner and nevertheless robust sole in the forefoot area. Integrated Flexlines also support the natural rolling behaviour of your foot and the lacing extended towards the tip of the foot as well as the more stable heel area embed your foot with a secure hold in the shoe .


Quality on the mountain and in leisure: In addition to various classics from the hiking shoe sector such as the "Mountain hunter", which skilfully combine functionality and tradition, or the lighter "Super Leggera" series, Dachstein is now increasingly working on lifestyle models with which you can also cut a good figure in urban environments. And you can still rely on one thing with Dachstein: The fresh and unusual look does not come at the expense of quality, since only high-quality materials such as real leather, vibram soles as well as waterproof and breathable DryDS membranes are used in production.


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