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Boreas - the laid-back Californian attitude in the form of a backpack. Since 2010 this small company has been developing long-lasting, functional products for the outdoors. Their focus is clearly on backpacks. This specialisation has its advantages: well-thought-out and tried and tested products teamed with eye-catching designs will appeal to all of those who love an outdoor adventure.

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Boreas - a travel companion field-tested in the wilderness

The founder of the brand Boreas, Tae Kim, knows exactly what is needed when camping and doing outdoor sport in the wilderness. In Alaska, where he grew up, he spent his childhood fishing, skiing and camping. His passion for outdoor sports and his talent for unusual designs finally brought him to the well-known company The North Face. There he gained seven years of experience as a designer before founding Boreas. According to Tae Kim, the best designs take their time - time that big companies are seldom willing to spend on a single product. At Boreas, long test phases in real situations are just as important as the constant development of their products.

Less is more

When exploring the wilderness, camping or doing any other outdoor activity, athletes don't want to carry any more than is strictly necessary. For this reason, Boreas backpacks are extremely lightweight. A practical day pack with an 18 litre volume doesn't quite reach 300 grams on the scales. Minimalism also shines through in the design: no outer pockets or loose belts to spoil the clean lines. However, you don't need to leave anything important behind. A compartment for your hydration bladder, as well as practical accessory loops make this day pack great for your different adventures. Some models made of ultra-light nylon can easily be stowed away if you don't need them. The Taurus model at just 180 grams, can be packed away nice and small in its accompanying zip bag, where it definitely won't get in your way.

Travelling light on long journeys

Alongside their minimalistic designs, Boreas also offer cleverly devised day packs for short tours. A place for all your possessions in clever compartments. Even when the going gets tough, the breathable mesh on the shoulder straps will ensure that you don't break into too much of a sweat. With Boreas hiking rucksacks for longer tours you will be prepared for anything - without having to carry too much weight. A 25-litre model, for example, weighs no more than an astonishing 820 grams. And you don't have to say goodbye to comfort. On flights the straps can be conveniently stashed away and when walking the EVA foam back cushioning will make carrying easier.

Boreas: designs off the beaten track

Boreas clearly value recognition in their designs: the three stripes on the front, pointing downwards in the middle, are typical of their products. These stripes are not only eye-catching, but they are also a safety feature for your travels thanks to their reflective ability. This design perfectly mirrors the Boreas philosophy: less is more! Kept to a bare minimum but with the necessary details, these backpacks from California are exactly what they are meant to be: functional companions for your travels, which adapt to your needs with minimum effort.