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When you need clear vision in difficult light conditions, Bollé goggles are unbeatable. They protect your eyes from damaging UV rays but still offer you excellent visibility. But you won't be fully kitted out until you have a Bollé ski helmet. At Keller Sports you will find different models for freestyle, alpine sport and snowboarding.

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15 Recommendations

brand: Bollé

Protective gear for the highest sporting demands

Bollé is an internationally renowned specialist for ski and cycling helmets, both for leisure and sport. The company enjoys worldwide success and works together with different top athletes to develop innovative products. Among others, Bollé is a licensing partner of the Giro d'Italia, the second most important road cycling stage race after the Tour de France. Famous skiers and snowboarders like Anna Veith, Tessa Worley, Nicole Schmidhofer, Ryan Stassel and Alex Pullin are under contract with Bollé. Professional athletes from all over the world turn up to compete in Bollé helmets and goggles. And it all started out as something really quite small.

From a small comb maker to a world-famous brand

The story of the company Bollé began in the year 1888. Back then Seraphim Bollé set up a factory in the French town of Oyonnax where he produced hair accessories and combs. When the second world war ended, Bollé became a pioneer in the processing of nylon. 1950 saw goggles and safety glasses join the range. In the year 1956 the famous cats-eye sunglasses came onto the market. The first ski goggles took the slopes by storm in 1960. Over the decades Bollé has become an internationally-known producer of premium sunglasses and goggles. Today, over 125 years later, Bollé is among the most renowned brands for winter sports products, but also sailors, cyclists, golfers and tennis players appreciate their modern products.

Cutting-edge technology for improved eye protection.

The company has the continual development of its products to thank for its international success. One example of innovative technology is MODULATOR™ 2.0. This technology allows Bollé ski goggles to immediately automatically adjust to current light conditions - even in extreme conditions. The lens tint changes correspondingly and offers optimum protection, as well as perfect vision at any time of day. The special MODULATOR™ 2.0 Ultimate Light Control lens enables the polarisation to adjust to the situation and provides improved visibility of relief details, even in ice and snow. The anti-glare film is responsible for providing unparalleled clear vision. To make their goggles, visors and glasses, Bollé use the high-tech material NXT®. This is about ten per cent lighter than polycarbonate and extremely impact resistant.

Bollé helmets for effective impact protection

As they do for their glasses, Bollé also use the latest technologies in their ski and bike helmets for improved protection. Every helmet has a hard ABS shell for optimum impact protection. All models have hybrid shells with an ABS outer shell and an in-mold construction on the inside. Integrated ventilation ensures that a pleasant temperature is maintained. The click-to-fit™ system enables precise adjustment of the size, as well as an excellent lightweight fit. A special feature of many Bollé helmets is the magnetic buckle under the chin. Removable ear pads, rotary visors and removable, washable liners are among the added extras.

Feel safe with Bollé

Bollé ski helmets and goggles will make you feel safe in your winter sports activities. Take a look at what's currently on offer at Keller Sports and pick your favourite product from a highly diverse range.


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