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What started off in a small workshop is now a world-famous ski supplier. For decades the Austrian company Blizzard has been producing innovative, technically mature skis for all kinds of skiers. Do you prefer the pistes or deep powder snow? With Blizzard you'll be racing down the mountain, wherever you choose to go. The brand's skis ensure that you have fun whilst staying safe on the slopes. Find out more!

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brand: Blizzard

From joiner to internationally renowned ski manufacturer

When the second world war ended in 1945 Toni Arnsteiner took over his father's workshop in the Austrian town of Mittersill. He started off producing furniture and other everyday items until he then created the first wooden skis for private customers. Although money was tight at the time, the skis sold. In 1953 Arnsteiner registered the brand Blizzard and the company called itself Blizzard Skifabrik Anton Arnsteiner. A year later the company was the first on the market to use polyethylene ski coatings. The company steadily grew and in 1957 started using fibreglass and metal to make their skis. In 1958 Swiss skier Frieda Danzer was the first of many to win a world championship title on Blizzard skis.

Blizzard: an Austrian company on the road to success

In just 10 years Blizzard multiplied its number of employees by seven to 200 and in the mid 1970s they opened a second factory in Sauerlach near Munich. At the time the Austrian headquarters was operating at full capacity making 500,000 skis a year. In 1980 the great breakthrough was the Thermo-Ski, the first temperature controlled ski. Several world cup victories, Olympic gold and an overall world cup victory were had by different athletes on the innovative Thermo-Skis over the course of the years.
In 1996 the first carving ski came on the market and in 2006 the Austrian company won the public over with their IQ system, through which the skis and their binding merge to become a homogeneous unit. In 2010 Blizzard won the European Ski Award for the R-Power FS IQ. The very next year the ski designers once again took home the coveted prize, this time for their Flip Core Rocker technology. Today the Blizzard brand belongs to the Tecnica Group, based in Italy.

Technology for all kinds of skiers - Blizzard's innovative ski

Do you like to race slickly down the slopes or do you prefer to discover the mountains away from the masses? In the Keller online shop you will find skis for all your adventures in the snow. Quattro is the Austrian brand's all-mountain ski. With these racing skis you'll be the master of the slopes. Experienced skiers look great on these versatile skis and get off to a quick start with minimum vibration. Different Quattro models are available so that each and every skier can find the right Blizzard ski for them. The Rocker Ski is suitable for powder snow, whilst the Carver Ski cleverly hides minor mistakes on the piste.
Under the name Zero G, Blizzard has brought out a lightweight freetouring ski, which will take you uphill just as well as it will downhill. Whether you're aiming to conquer the mountains, ski down the slopes or explore the deep snow off piste, with these skis that's entirely up to you.

Racing, all-mountain, touring or freeride skis? - Whatever you choose, choose Blizzard

Whether you're looking for skis for the hard slopes, for long mountain tours or for an exciting freeride: at Keller Sports you will find the ideal skis for your sport and above all for your style. Whether a beginner or a professional, Blizzard's high-quality skis ensure breathtaking fun with maximum safety.


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