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Why you need ASICS running shoes

Your clothing can support your run. They warm or cool you down. They may even stimulate the muscles. That helps. However, the most essential part of your running equipment is your running shoes. With the help of the right set-up, they support your running style, even prevent incorrect strain and thus prevent injuries - and that's where ASICS running shoes come into play. They protect the joints with intensive cushioning and provide a natural, close-to-the-ground running feeling and stabilise the foot. Regardless of the model and setup, it is particularly important that everything is coordinated.

That the different technologies mesh optimally to let you glide as relaxed and fluidly as possible over roads, trails or gravel. This is exactly what ASICS has been working on with its running shoes for decades. Intensively. Because ASICS running shoes are always created in collaboration with top athletes and scientists. The brand has even opened its own innovation lab. ASICS adapts running shoes precisely to different running types, surfaces and running forms and has also developed its legendary GEL cushioning.

Advantages of ASICS running shoes

Your running workload and running style, the surface you run on, your visual requirements - all this decides which runner you should buy. ASICS running shoes not only offer you a wide range of models that combine all these aspects optimally. No, at the same time the brand fulfils other important factors on the way to your own personal running shoe in the immediate vicinity of the optimum:

  • Different cushioning: ASICS running shoes offer you a total of three different cushioning setups, which adapt each individual runner to your style and surface. You get little support with "Cushioning" runners, while the "Maximum Support" systems offer a little more and "Structured Cushioning" maximum damping.

  • Experience: ASICS has been developing running shoes for around 70 years and is therefore deeply rooted in running. That's why some of the best athletes in the world trust the brand from Japan.

  • Different setups: Are you running a marathon? Or just to relax after work? Are you heading out into nature? Or use the trails of the city park, maybe even the treadmill at the gym? ASICS running shoes are available for every surface, for every purpose.

  • Sustainability: ASICS has a goal. By 2030, the company also wants to have found sustainable alternatives to materials commonly used today for its running shoes. But already today, more and more midsoles of ASICS runners are made of cellulose nanofibres, which can be obtained from various plant-based organic fibres.

  • Innovative upper materials: support without constricting the foot. This is the fine art of runner development. ASICS running shoes are therefore made of soft, breathable materials that also provide the necessary support. The brand also offers running shoe models with a waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex membrane.

  • The look: ASICS running shoes clearly focus on function, but do not neglect the visual aspect. There are simple, monochrome styles, as well as runners with neon accents, colourful models or running shoes in natural colours. At the same time, the traditional brand offers several colourways for many of its models. In this way, you can adapt your ASICS runner exactly to your ideas, both technically and visually.

Special features of ASICS running shoes

To understand ASICS' passion for running shoes, just take a look at Kobe. There, the brand established a research institute in the 1980s, where scientists and top athletes dedicate themselves to perfecting running shoes. In order to adapt everything as precisely as possible to the body, all those involved concentrate intensively on the natural course of movement during the run as well as the human anatomy. This is how new innovations are constantly created, including further developments of the legendary GEL damping. fuzeGEL, for example, combines the excellent damping properties of its mother technology with low weight and outstanding responsiveness. FlyteFoam reduces the weight of traditional midsoles for ASICS running shoes by 55%. In addition, the brand offers fits that are specially adapted to wider feet, as well as grippy rubber and profiles for the outsole. And of course ASICS also differentiates between the special anatomical conditions of running shoes for women and men. So you get different technologies for a much more comfortable run, compressed in all ASICS running shoe models.

Popular ASICS running shoe series

With its GEL Nimbus series, ASICS offers premium running shoes designed to meet the demands of long-distance runners. Their intense yet reactive GEL cushioning is easy on joints and muscles, while the upper gives breathability and support at the same time. The brand's GUIDESOLE shoes also deliver innovation. Their sole is slightly rounded, which prevents the ankle from bending too intensively when running. This reduces the strain on the musculoskeletal system. If you are looking for a running shoe for the road, the GEL-Kayano offers popular features such as stability, cushioning and a breathable mesh upper. For the trail, you can slip into models from the Sonoma or Trabuco series, preferably with a Gore-Tex membrane.

The ASICS running shoe shop: runners perfectly tailored to you

Nimbus. Kayano. Sonoma. The ASICS running shoe store at Keller Sports offers you a huge selection of ASICS running shoes for men and women - and of course the brand's most popular series. Thanks to different colourways, you can choose exactly the ASICS runner that meets your expectations both technically and visually and then order it conveniently online. Without any risk. At Keller Sports you can return your ASICS running shoes within 14 days if they don't fit. Just make sure that all labels are still attached to the runner, that it is in its original packaging and that it is not used. In addition, our sale regularly offers you the chance to get top deals on ASICS running shoes.



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