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ASICS running: The perfect running experience

In contrast to other large sporting goods manufacturers, ASICS has focused on the sale and continuous development of running shoes and clothing from the very beginning - with great success. Today, the Japanese brand is one of the five largest sporting goods manufacturers and the world market leader in the field of running shoes. So you can really be sure to get the maximum out of yourself with products from ASICS Running.

After all, the ASICS Running product developers have known for decades what influence the right equipment has on the optimal running feeling. From a variety of collections, you can choose the products that best suit your running style and ambitions. At the same time, ASICS running products eliminate unnecessary friction and allow you to focus all your energy on running without being distracted by bumps or chafed areas.

The advantages of ASICS running products

In our ASICS Running Online Shop, you will find all the ASICS running products you need for a perfect running experience. ASICS running shoes, running clothes and running accessories that offer numerous advantages that also increase your running performance:

ASICS running shoes

The ∂-sign and the iconic tiger stripes on the sides have been synonymous with extremely high quality and an ideal fit for your foot for many years. ASICS running shoes can handle everything from sprints and treadmill workouts to trail running and marathons. Thanks to intensive research and further development of techniques, ASICS running shoes offer an optimal fit and excellent cushioning on all surfaces. This guarantees you a pleasant and effective workout in any weather and any condition.

ASICS running shoes not only inspire with their high functionality, but also with their design: trendy, fresh colours meet strong patterns and sporty cuts at ASICS Running. In this way, the Japanese label succeeds in combining functional aspects with fashionable demands in a great way. With this perfect mix of functionality and style, ASICS running shoes ultimately offer comfort, stability and cushioning for every (running) occasion.

ASICS running clothes

ASICS Running's premium products are all designed for athletes who set the highest standards for themselves and their outfits. This is based on intensive and continuous research as well as constant cooperation with top athletes. The comprehensive and sophisticated range of ASICS running clothes supports you every step of the way: whether you're training on the treadmill, running in the park or taking part in a 10-kilometre race. The various running shirts, longsleeves, sports bras, tights, jackets and running shorts from ASICS Running are characterised by an iconic design and high-performance fabrics (some of which are made from 100% recycled material).

They keep you cool, comfortable, dry and on-trend in any weather. Whether it's MotionDry technology to keep your body cool when running in the heat, or MotionProtect waterproof and windproof technology to keep you protected when running in cold weather. ASICS running equipment will always help you optimise your performance, no matter what the weather is like outside.

ASICS running accessories

ASICS' innovative running accessories ensure that you can carry your keys, mobile phone or bank card comfortably with you during your training session. The ASICS phone pocket wristband, for example, allows you to wear a smartphone under your clothes so that you don't need to hold your phone in your hand during training and can therefore fully concentrate on listening to your favourite tracks or podcasts. That motivates! The hydration belt by ASICS, on the other hand, is the perfect way for runners to keep you hydrated during your next workout. It refreshes! So whether you're jogging comfortably or want to run many kilometres, ASICS running products are always helpful by your side.

Large selection of ASICS running products in the online shop

Do you prefer to buy your ASICS running outfits online? Then you've come to the right place! Because here in the ASICS Running Store at Keller Sports you will not only find a large selection of great running shoes, running clothes and other running equipment from ASICS, but also great ASICS Running offers. In addition, we provide you with comprehensive tips and information on important topics such as material quality, fit and equipment details. The technical specifications are especially important for performance-oriented running products.

For this reason, there is a detailed description of every single product in our ASICS running shop. And the best thing is: thanks to our fast shipping, our delivery will reach you in just a few days and you can start your next run right away. By the way: If you want to find out more about the right ASICS running equipment, our Keller Sport Guide articles will also help you. There we always test new ASICS running products and give you helpful tips on particularly practical functions.