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The history of the ASICS GEL-Sonoma

First basketball, then an Olympic career and a fusion, finally innovation. This is how the path from the founding of the company Onitsuka Tigers to the re-naming to ASICS and finally to the GEL technology looked - very abbreviated, of course. In 1986, the brand revolutionised the running industry with the introduction of its new cushioning technology. At the very least, ASICS made its contribution. Because GEL delivered cushioning and comfort, stability at the same time - and stayed.

Until today - including in the ASICS GEL-Sonoma for men and women. The process of perfection was and is never complete. The requirements have also changed. ASICS has long since used its GEL cushioning for more than just standard runners. The trail also received attention. So ASICS developed the GEL-Sonoma, a trail runner whose setup is also wonderfully suited to light hikes. The foundation is of course the once innovative, today still highly effective cushioning.

In addition, there is an intensively profiled sole and a good grip for trails. The brand has also adapted the fit of the ASICS GEL-Sonoma over the generations to offer even more comfort. Now in its sixth generation, the outdoor all-rounder takes you right into the heart of nature and fits seamlessly into the tradition of profitable change at ASICS.

Cushioning for outdoor excursions - the ASICS GEL-Sonoma

Made for the not-so-flat path. For the GEL-Sonoma, ASICS took the demands of trail running as a basis and created a shoe that comfortably takes you through rough terrain, while at the same time positively influencing your performance. As a result, the outsole's tread pattern is designed to provide multidirectional support that works on a variety of terrain. ASICS combines this component with a robust rubber that can also cope with the rigours of the outdoors, on the trail or while hiking.

Comfort is provided by GEL technology as well as an Ortholite insole and ASICS' Amplifoam midsole. Compared to its predecessors, the ASICS GEL-Sonoma 6 also has a more spacious toebox. At the same time, the shoe maintains a runner silhouette and therefore never looks bulky on the foot.

GEL and Amplifoam - The Technology in the ASICS GEL-Sonoma

ASICS cushioning legend is just the beginning. GEL adds another cushioning innovation to the brand. In addition, there are other components that support your trail run in the best possible way. The technologies of the ASICS GEL-Sonoma at a glance:

  • Comfort thanks to GEL technology: Over the years, ASICS has repeatedly revised its legendary damping. Today, also in the GEL-Sonoma, it therefore offers even more effective protection against impact, plus natural comfort and remains stable at the same time. The strategic placement is important: where the impact is most intense on the feet and joints during running. Density and structure influence several, pleasantly soft foam layers. In this way, the ASICS GEL-Sonoma also favours a natural running style and offers both comfort and stability.
  • Even more comfort with Amplifoam and Ortholite: For its runners, ASICS complements GEL with additional foam compounds in the midsole. Amplifoam is used in the GEL-Sonoma. The material provides pleasantly soft cushioning, but has a higher density than other variants and is therefore more robust. Perfect for the trail. Especially since an Ortholite insole makes the trail running feeling with the ASICS GEL-Sonoma even more pleasant.
  • Robust outsole for intensive support: As soon as you leave paved paths, you will encounter bumps, roots, small rocks and smooth, rough surfaces. Your trail running shoe should compensate for all of this in the best possible way - and that's why ASICS has given the GEL-Sonoma an intensively profiled outsole. It is designed so that you feel the necessary grip in different directions; so that it also lasts a long time during intensive runs instead of wearing out quickly.
  • New last for even more comfort: ASICS has adapted the last design again for the latest GEL-Sonoma. Especially around the midfoot and heel. The shoe now sits even more comfortably there. At the same time, the brand gives you a more spacious toebox, while the synthetic seams of the overlays bind the foot comfortably to the shoe. At the same time, they are so firm that you won't slip around. The ASICS GEL-Sonoma is also optimised for neutral pronation.

ASICS GEL-Sonoma - Optimal for trail running and light hikes

As much as the setup of the breathable upper reminds you of a runner, the ASICS GEL-Sonoma really comes into its own outdoors. Whenever you're drawn to the great outdoors, off the beaten track, it will support you effectively. Thanks to its robust, intensively profiled outsole, the GEL-Sonoma is designed for trail runs and light hikes. For particularly unfavourable weather conditions, you can also find models with an additional GORE-TEX membrane in our ASICS GEL-Sonoma Shop.

ASICS GEL-Sonoma Shop at Keller Sports

Even taking the trail runner out into nature before you make your purchase decision is often complicated. Nevertheless, you will get the necessary preliminary information. Because at Keller Sports we test trail runners like the ASICS GEL-Sonoma intensively and summarise our experiences for you. ASICS has long since discovered trail running for itself. So you are well prepared for the large selection in our ASICS GEL-Sonoma Store.

You can order ASICS trail running shoes online at Keller Sports. You can get the ASICS GEL-Sonoma in different colourways, for women and for men. They also come with a GORE-TEX membrane. Our newsletter will keep you informed about new ASICS GEL-Sonoma offers, which you can combine with our popular premium discount.



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