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Functional textiles, body-hugging cuts that allow full mobility - these are some of the biggest advantages of ASICS sports wear. Training shirts and trousers in particular are often equipped with functional fabrics that provide your body with excellent temperature balance during all activities: they support the transport of moisture to the outside. What this means for you is that they keep you dry even during longer workouts and training sessions. In this way, moisture management gives you a great advantage during longer workouts or matches. ASICS training jackets allow you to train according to your current workout status or your weekly schedule, even if it's a bit chilly. Don't miss out on your workout, just grab the right fitness apparel and let's go! The warming properties also come into their own when you're warming up and don't want to risk a pulled muscle. When it starts to cool down outside, clothes made of weatherproof material should take you through woods and meadows. This fabric is resistant to moisture from the outside and gusts of wind - so you're perfectly prepared not to have to put up with longer training losses in the cool season.


At Keller Sports you will find a wide range of ASICS sportswear. Today, active people of all ages turn to ASICS training clothing. It doesn't matter if you have professional training requirements or if sport and exercise are the perfect balance for in-between. High-quality clothing is always recommended. This also applies to functional materials that adapt to your movements and thus guide and strengthen your musculoskeletal system like a second trainer. Last but not least, the high wearing comfort of ASICS sportswear will quickly prove to be a big plus for you and provide your workout with a high feel-good factor right from the start. And with ASICS, Keller Sports has added a label to its range that is ahead of the game when it comes to sports-appropriate sportswear in all cases - from professionals to recreational athletes.


It's never been easier to order the right fitness clothing online from the comfort of your own home. Simply choose your favourite from our range of the current ASICS fitness collection - and your training can start! By the way - in the ASICS Outlet at Keller Sports you will find many great value ASICS training clothing offers - from reduced individual items, to remaining sizes or seasonal promotions. It pays to be quick!