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When we're talking about highly innovative equipment for leisure and professional sport, there's no getting around the name Alpina. Particularly in the area of functional safety equipment, Alpina have always been true pioneers with their ski goggles, cycling glasses and ski helmets. The company attaches a special value to quality and regularly excels with its technological achievements.

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Alpina: a success story from Bavaria

With their first catalogue appearance in the year 1980, the then small company Alpina Sports GmbH from the Bavarian town of Sulzemoos paved their way for the success that was to come in the following decades. At that time the brand's range was modest. But Alpina Sports were already presenting high-quality products. Thanks to their commitment and constant efforts to achieve new developments, two years later the brand created their first groundbreaking accomplishment - their Turbo ski goggles. Inspired by their success, the employees at Alpina continued to create more and more new, revolutionary products in the years to come. In doing so, the brand always focused on the needs of professional athletes. This close collaboration is what makes Alpina today one of the most significant and well-known skiing and cycling equipment manufacturers.

Trailblazing technologies for your best winter sports performance

It doesn't matter how deep the snow, how high the mountain or how challenging your tasks - with Alpina ski helmets and goggles you've picked a safe, reliable companion. From an ergonomic point of view, as well as safety and comfort, Alpina, offer you a multitude of advanced features. For example, the helmet's robust structure protects your head from the impact of a crash. The outside of the helmet is made from an extremely hard outer shell. The inner shell absorbs shock and cold. The feature Alpina Edge Protect provides the perfect all-round protection in a sideways collision. Alpina ski goggles are a sensible complement to a trustworthy ski helmet. Here too, the brand will win you over with their wide range of highly advanced, functional products. In this area, the manufacturer puts forward innovative inventions such as the 180+ View, allowing you a field of vision of 180 degrees. Ski goggles with a magnetic lens guarantee clear vision at all times - even in poor visibility.

Downhill or endurance - cyclists rely on Alpina

Just as Alpina products are highly valued in the winter sports sector, they are also widely used in the world of cycling. With their high-tech biking accessories, the brand also focuses on progress and future-oriented technologies. Here too, the absolute safety of the athlete is a priority. In order to achieve this, the sports equipment manufacturer provides its customers with professional cycling glasses and helmets. As far as their claim that the athlete's integrity is their top priority is concerned, Alpina don't make any trade offs. Their helmets are equipped with first-class technology like practical reflectors and lights. In 2013, Conehead technology was incorporated into a helmet for the first time. This guarantees excellent aerodynamics.

Performance and design hand in hand

In addition to their futuristic developments, all products made by the company Alpina Sports GmbH also have a contemporary design. Keeping up to date with modern, visual trends fits in perfectly with the functional aspects. Alpina strive to keep on top of the latest trends in the sports equipment market, whilst being in close contact with the professional sports sphere. Find the right Alpina Product for you in our online shop and let this reliable brand win you over!


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