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The story of the adidas SOLARBOOST

In the beginning there was cushioning. Also in the adidas SOLARBOOST. It even took over the revolutionary leadership. With the presentation of its Boost technology in New York in 2013, adidas opened eyes - and steered cushioning development for runners in a whole new direction. Storing energy in order to return it to the foot for even more speed was a familiar concept. But the emphasis of Boost damping was not. Their setup. Its efficiency. All this opened up new perspectives. Especially since adidas also gave its damping revolution the Energy Boost shoe to go with it.

It had to be performance from the sole to the cushioning to the upper. The basis was born. The SOLARBOOST was born out of the Energy Boost in May 2018. The revolution was followed by the next stage of development. adidas created a true all-rounder whose foundation is still based on unique damping. In addition, there are stabilising elements, while seams gradually fade into the background. The adidas SOLARBOOST is now in its third generation. The evolution is progressing - but only because the damping has been put at the service of the revolution.

The adidas SOLARBOOST: Running shoes with optimal cushioning and stability

Not every shoe is suitable for every runner. Not every foot anatomy is the same. adidas has therefore crafted the SOLARBOOST into the golden mean between cushioning and neutral shoes. Even years after its introduction, Boost technology still effectively dampens the energy of your steps and returns it to you immediately. Since Boost is often a little softer than other setups, the brand also provides the adidas SOLARBOOST with a kind of scaffolding around the midsole that promises more lateral support.

In addition, there is a lightweight, breathable upper made of engineered mesh and an outsole with Continental rubber. This gives you the necessary grip even in wet conditions - without wearing out quickly. Runners have run over 1,000 kilometres in the SOLARBOOST and the outsole has easily held up. As part of adidas' Primegreen line, the SOLARBOOST is also made from a variety of recycled materials. There are monochrome and subtle colourways, as well as bright and flashy ones, so you can match the runner to your style.

Boost - and more in the SOLARBOOST from adidas

Outstanding cushioning alone does not make an outstanding running shoe. That's why adidas gives the SOLARBOOST other top innovations that make your run more comfortable, safer and more efficient.

  • Boost damping with LEP Torsion System: It all started at BASF. One of the world's largest chemical companies developed the basis of Boost damping and passed it on to adidas - and the brand uses the concept in the best possible way, including in the adidas SOLARBOOST. It is based on countless small balls made of a special thermoplastic polyurethane. They can be deformed at will, but then return to their original position in a flash. In this way, a Boost midsole stores the energy of the impact when you run, in order to convert it directly and give it back to you in the form of new energy for every step. Thanks to this setup, Boost is one of the most reactive cushioning systems in the running industry. It also provides a comfortable cushion that effectively protects your joints during the run.
  • LEP Torsion and Solar Propulsion Rail for more support: adidas' LEP Torsion system is used between the outsole and the damping of the SOLARBOOST. It increases stability efficiently without being noticeable during running. To this setup, adidas adds its Solar Propulsion Rail, which runs once around the midsole and supports the foot laterally.
  • Engineered Mesh Upper: The upper of the adidas SOLARBOOST is made from 50% recycled materials for breathability and durability. To give you extra stability, adidas uses its Tailored Fibre Placement by stitching reinforcements directly onto the upper in areas that are particularly vulnerable.
  • Stretchweb outsole with Continental rubber: The adidas SOLARBOOST guides you safely over the road. Not only because of its innovative cushioning. Thanks to the Stretchweb sole, you also roll comfortably in the premium running shoes and don't slip even in wet conditions. The Continental rubber compound ensures traction even in adverse conditions and is also durable.

The adidas SOLARBOOST: for neutral road runners

Multidimensional balance. That's what you get with the adidas SOLARBOOST. The runner cushions extremely efficiently, gives you energy back and offers a high degree of stability at the same time. The upper is comfortable yet supportive, and the outsole is designed for running on the road. That's where the SOLARBOOST feels most at home. It doesn't matter if you're just starting to run or are already working hard on more challenging running projects. The adidas SOLARBOOST, available online at Keller Sports, is suitable for every level. You can also cover longer distances with the running shoe without any problems.

The adidas SOLARBOOST Shop at Keller Sports

adidas equips a whole armada of its runners with the rated Boost cushioning. The adidas SOLARBOOST is therefore only the beginning, or rather the end. It is adidas' premium runner. In the adidas SOLARBOOST store at Keller Sports, we offer you a wide range of colours for this running shoe. There you will also find the runner in a Primegreen version, which is made from 100% recycled materials.

Of course, all adidas SOLARBOOST models for men and women always feature the iconic three stripes from Herzogenaurach, which skilfully enhance all SOLARBOOST colourways. If you don't want to miss out on any new versions or attractive offers around the adidas SOLARBOOST, we recommend subscribing to the Keller Sports newsletter. This way you'll always be up to date!



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