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adidas running shoes - benefits non-stop

adidas running shoes offer you what is important in running: firm support, stability and a perfect fit. A good running shoe should sit comfortably on your foot, have a non-slip sole and cushion your step as much as possible. The choice of the right model also depends on whether you want to run on rough terrain or on the tartan track. You need different cushioning and a different tread for the road or the track than for forest paths. Your running style and the intensity of your running training also play an important role in choosing the right adidas running shoe model. However, very few amateurs realise how important the right equipment really is. adidas running shoes therefore show you how it's done: groundbreaking sole technologies give you energy on every metre and protect your body when you have to give everything.

What makes adidas running shoes so special?

adidas running shoes for men and women are always designed to improve your performance through clever innovations in all running disciplines. After all, the brand has been giving its best in terms of research and development for decades so that you can fully concentrate on your own workload. For example, the adidas "Boost" technology has been integrated into the running shoes. A rubber component is inserted into the midsole, which initially cushions your step and absorbs the impact on the ground in order to release the energy again with the next step. In this way, your joints are optimally protected from too much stress, even during endurance runs.

Most adidas running shoes also use a mesh-like upper material called Primeknit+. This absorbs liquid like sweat for a short time and draws it directly away from the skin. This keeps your foot nice and dry and effectively prevents blisters. In addition, the upper material fits snugly around the foot and hardly slips, even at fast running speeds. For better stabilisation, a reinforcement is sewn onto the shoe. This process, called Tailored Fibre Placement, ensures that the midfoot area is supported and strengthened. For example, the zone around the heel is especially elastic so that your Achilles tendon is not under too much pressure. The shoe fits like a glove and becomes part of your body. For the outsole, adidas relies mainly on a rubber compound from Continental. This is robust, hardly wears out and gives you the perfect grip on any surface. With a grippy tread, you can even run on slippery trails without any problems. Thanks to the waterproof Gore Tex membrane, some adidas running shoe models can even withstand wet conditions.

adidas running shoes come up trumps with stylish design ideas

At Keller Sports you can find adidas running shoes online that meet all technical requirements - from beginners to professionals. Would you rather have the most versatile running shoe possible that you can use in the city on the streets as well as on the treadmill and also wear for training in the gym? Or would you rather run on unpaved ground? For both running sports, adidas offers you a huge selection of running shoes that are not only practical but also stylish. In addition to the brand's own running shoe models, which always come up with new colour and pattern ideas, the company from Herzogenaurach cooperates with cool designers again and again. Sport meets fashion in a unique fusion that you won't find anywhere else. You can really show off your sleek adidas running shoes and create the rest of your adidas outfit around them.

adidas running shoe shop - Convenient online shopping

Ultimately, adidas running shoes offer you the highest level of comfort, optimal grip and thus ensure a healthy and unforgettable running experience in any case. The various models from our adidas running shoe store impress with their anatomical fit, breathable materials, optimal cushioning and damping. All this is combined with a stylish look. Cushioning technologies such as Boost or Ultraboost are used as well as the latest midsole and outsole developments such as Lightstrike or Bounce. The result is legendary running shoe series like adizero Boston or TERREX for trail running. The perfectly developed technologies in terms of functionality and durability will never let you down, even when it comes to bigger running challenges. Whether it's a road, forest path or tartan track, whether you're an ambitious professional or a relaxed leisure jogger - with running shoes from adidas you're perfectly equipped for all occasions. In the Keller Sports adidas running shop you can find the model that is exactly tailored to your requirements online. And all that with just a few mouse clicks. Use our search mask and easily filter the right offer for you. You can refine your selection with information on weight, favourite colour or price. As soon as you have selected all the desired criteria for your runners, we will show you your optimal selection. Want a natural running experience? Then find your next adidas running shoe now!