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adidas outdoor shoes: Perfection from Franconia

The decisive advantage of adidas outdoor shoes? Experience! More than a hundred years ago, Adolf Dassler made his first shoes out of canvas in a Franconian laundry room. Later, he developed the first screw-in cleats for footballers, equipped the world's best sprinters at the Olympics and ultimately became world-famous due to his innovations. adidas has thus always stood for quality that meets even the very highest demands - even in the outdoor sector.

As one of the biggest players on the international market, the Herzogenaurach-based company has always reinvented itself. But they never lost sight of their mission to strive for the best. In the meantime, adidas covers a broad spectrum in the sporting goods sector, but the production of first-class shoes is of course still part of their self-image. Accordingly, adidas also knows how to convince when it comes to outdoor shoes. And so adidas outdoor shoes for men and women have everything you need for your next outdoor experience: water resistance, grip, breathability, durability and longevity.

What are the advantages of adidas outdoor shoes?

First of all, it's important to clarify what kind of shoes fall into the broad category of adidas outdoor shoes for men and women: both mid-height hiking shoes and hiking shoes that reach above the ankle. Plus adidas trail running shoes. All designs have their own advantages, and all variants are perfectly tailored to your needs. And what is important about hiking shoes? First and foremost, hiking shoes have to be particularly robust. After all, when you're hiking in the mountains, you're often on uneven terrain and depend on absolute stability.

  • In the past, hiking boots were considered clunky, heavy and often bulky, but thanks to a variety of technologies, the Herzogenaurach-based company has succeeded in making its adidas outdoor shoes more delicate and lighter. Adidas outdoor shoes, available online at Keller Sports, combine the most important features such as water and tread resistance. This means that mud and wetness cannot harm you. Many models also come with additional features such as scree protection and reinforced toe areas.

  • The higher-cut adidas mountain boots are particularly impressive in technically demanding terrain. They offer optimal support and a secure fit, so you can concentrate fully on your hike or climb.

  • The trail running shoes from adidas are also characterised by the best possible fit and stability. In addition, you can casually switch between asphalt and uneven terrain: whether it's a city centre or an unpaved forest path - with adidas trail running shoes you will always reach your destination dry and healthy. Also because all adidas outdoor shoes impress with excellent cushioning and energy recovery.

What distinguishes adidas outdoor shoes?

Decades of research and development, great expertise in the production of sporting goods - adidas now has countless patents and innovations of its own. However, the brand also cooperates with other manufacturers time and again in order to benefit from each other's expertise. What tyre manufacturer Continental has to do with adidas outdoor shoes, for example, is explained separately in the following chapter. First of all, let's highlight which technologies are used in adidas outdoor shoes - and what makes them special.

  • Boost is the name of the sole technology that has also been used in adidas outdoor shoes since 2013. The Boost sole provides outstanding cushioning and energy recovery. Boost was developed together with the German chemical company BASF and the claim to create a particularly soft and responsive material. Boost soles contain thousands of small cells that absorb energy and release it again with every step.

  • Another innovation from adidas is the so-called Primeknit technology. This is an upper material that ensures breathability and the greatest possible wearing comfort. Primeknit is spun from only one thread and thus guarantees a perfect fit.

  • GORE-TEX is used in many adidas outdoor shoes to protect against wet feet. The waterproof, yet breathable membrane directs the moisture produced during physical activity to the outside and does not allow any moisture to penetrate inside.

adidas outdoor shoes: More grip thanks to Continental technology

Continental was founded in Hanover in 1871 and subsequently developed into one of the world's largest tyre manufacturers. With over 150 years of knowledge about outstanding grip, the company from Lower Saxony now also helps adidas in the development of shoe soles. Continental sole technology is also used in adidas outdoor shoes. The rubber coating was developed in the company's own laboratories and, according to the tyre manufacturer, provides up to 30 percent better grip.

The shoes thus have better contact on all conceivable surfaces and also offer grip on uneven terrain and slippery stones. Big names in sports have long trusted adidas outdoor shoes with Continental technology. Thomas and Alexander Huber, the two extreme athletes who have made a name for themselves under the name "Huberbuam", swear by the tread resistance of Continental soles when hiking. Together with adidas and the tyre manufacturer, they even launched their own outdoor shoe model.

adidas outdoor shoes shop at Keller Sports

Outdoor enthusiasts have come to the right place in our adidas outdoor shoes shop. We offer a huge selection of adidas outdoor shoes for men and women. You will find hiking shoes in various designs as well as trail running shoes for men and women in many colours and designs. adidas outdoor shoes meet even the highest demands and know how to convince with the already listed features all along the line.

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