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The most important advantage: weather protection on days when it's too chilly outside to ride with just a cycling jersey - but at the same time it's too warm for a cycling jacket with sleeves. For this purpose, most models are windproof at the front. Icy riding wind then simply bounces off. Particularly pleasant: if they also have a high collar.

In the back area, the waistcoats are usually extremely breathable. Some manufacturers use airy mesh fabric here. Built-in reflectors also increase visibility on the bike in poor light. And when the waistcoat is no longer needed because the sun has finally set the weather or the climb really makes you sweat, it can easily be stowed in your jersey pocket or backpack.


Windbreaker: The windbreaker is the classic among cycling waistcoats. It is light, has a windproof membrane at the front and can be stowed in practically any pocket, so small is its pack size. In the back area, windbreaker waistcoats are usually equipped with a breathable material or mesh. This means that air circulation and moisture transport are restricted as little as possible.

Lined cycling waistcoats: In addition to windproof and water-repellent properties, the thermal waistcoat also has an insulating component thanks to padded material in the lining. Combined with appropriate underwear and a long-sleeved jersey, the thermal cycling waistcoat can also replace a lighter winter jacket on cool days.


The front of a cycling waistcoat often has a windproof membrane that protects the body from the cold wind while cycling. High-quality membranes such as Gore Tex Windstopper consist of synthetic polymers that are laminated onto a lightweight textile as an ultra-thin protective layer. In this way, they ensure absolute windproofness. At the same time, the micropores on their surface allow sweat to escape unhindered.

At the back of the cycling waistcoat, the leading manufacturers rely on a light mesh or highly elastic microfibres that enable optimal regulation of the body temperature. By the way: Softshell waistcoats are also becoming increasingly popular on the bike. This is a particularly elastic, soft fabric with wind-repellent and water-repellent properties that lies comfortably against the skin and follows your every move.


  • Back pockets: The contents of the jersey pockets can also be found in most waistcoats. However, some models do not have their own pockets, but have a pass-through to the jersey pockets.
  • Zips: Make sure that the zip of your cycling waistcoat has a stop function. This allows you to regulate the opening of the waistcoat and thus the degree of ventilation.
  • Breathability: Many manufacturers use mesh fabric in the back area to increase breathability.
  • Moisture transport: Special surface structures of the functional fibres ensure that moisture can be quickly transported away from the friction zones. This guarantees pure wearing comfort.
  • Thermal cycling waistcoats: Offer efficient thermal insulation through synthetic padding such as Primaloft.
  • Pack size: Many waistcoats fold up to the size of a fist and weigh barely more than 100 grams.
  • Reflectors: In bad weather or darkness, cycling waistcoats with reflectors ensure better visibility.
  • Windproofness: The integrated membrane in the front of the waistcoat provides protection against cold wind.
  • Waterproofness: The membrane in your cycling waistcoat is considered waterproof from 800 mm water column - below that it is only water-repellent. You can find both versions in the Keller Sports cycling waistcoat store.


Only if your waistcoat fits properly while riding can it protect you effectively from wind and weather. In addition to the wind-repellent premium materials and optimised technologies, it is therefore important how close your cycling waistcoat fits to your body. Loopholes should be avoided so that no wind can get through the waistcoat on the next bike tour.

Waistcoats that are too loose will wobble around during the ride, which is not pleasant in the long run. They also slow down your speed because they are less aerodynamic. If you have the choice between two sizes of cycling waistcoat, like in our cycling waistcoat sale, you should prefer the smaller, close-fitting model.


Cooling in summer, as a layering layer in winter, a waistcoat is always a good companion on your bike tours. At Keller Sports you'll find the perfect waistcoat for men and women and for every season.

Cycling waistcoats for the winter

On frosty days, a thermal waistcoat can be the right outfit choice. Synthetic padding keeps your torso warm, wind-stopping membranes protect you from the freezing wind. Reflective elements also increase your visibility in traffic.

Cycling waistcoats for summer

Light mesh fabric or highly elastic microfibres on the back of the waistcoat allow you to regulate your body temperature comfortably even on hot days.

Cycling waistcoats for the transitional period

When it's still too cool in the mornings in spring or autumn to ride in just a jersey, a waistcoat offers the ideal protection from wind and moisture - even in light showers.


Functional clothing with sensitive membrane materials, such as Windstopper waistcoats, do not have to be washed immediately if they get a little dirty. It is usually sufficient to gently tap the dried-on dirt out of the clothing. Only if the soiling is extensive or the smell is unpleasant should the washing machine be used. Important: The recommended temperature is usually 30 degrees. It can be found on the care label of the respective product. However, you should generally avoid using fabric softener so that the impregnation of your functional clothing is not destroyed.


Windproof, water-repellent, lightweight and breathable - cycling waistcoats are extremely versatile. No matter which waistcoat you choose in the end, the well-known manufacturers like Alé, Assos, Castelli, Craft, Gore Wear, Löffler, Maloja, POC and Scott can convince with their premium quality and functionality. Our Keller Sports bike waistcoat shop therefore offers you a large selection of different models from these top brands for men and women. Also look out for our cycling waistcoat sale, where top models are often available at particularly attractive prices and very conveniently in our online shop.



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