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You can find cycling socks for every type of use in the Keller Sports online shop. In addition to the classic, versatile functional socks, we also offer compression socks and waterproof socks in all common sizes. Discover quality cycling socks for men and women from high-quality manufacturers like Scott, Maap, Assos, Castelli, Gore Wear or POC. Besides a protective helmet, well-padded cycling shorts and sturdy cycling shoes, cycling socks are an essential part of your training wardrobe.

Cycling socks impress with padded zones

Cycling socks have to withstand different demands than, for example, socks for running or hiking. Different pressure points than in running shoes therefore make different demands on the material composition and workmanship of cycling socks. To prevent blisters and injuries, many models have zones in the pedal and heel area that are specially adapted for cycling and are lightly padded. Another important point is breathability: good cycling socks ensure permanently cool and dry feet. For colder days, there are also cycling socks with insulating materials, such as merino wool, which protect you from getting chilled.

The advantages of cycling socks:

  • They keep your feet cool and dry while cycling thanks to effective moisture transport and breathability.
  • Cushioning on heels and toes provides even more comfort and prevents injuries and blisters.
  • Models with an integrated windproof and waterproof membrane prevent moisture from penetrating when you ride through puddles.

Cycling socks with compression effect

A trend that comes from the running sector and is finding more and more fans in cycling are cycling socks with compression effect. The high-cut plastic socks extend over the calf and provide constant pressure on the skin, which has a positive effect on the muscles. Many athletes also use compression socks during regeneration to prevent heavy legs and thick feet. The lactate that has built up in the muscles can be better broken down through the compression.



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