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Layering wins. Especially on longer tours, and even more so when you're heading for the mountains, the temperature and weather conditions can fluctuate. That's why your cycling clothing always consists of several different ingredients that you can combine as you like and quickly put on and take off again. An overview of the large selection that you can easily order online in our bike clothing shop:

  • Tops: Your cycling equipment around the upper body can be composed of several different layers. This protects you from the cold, provides relief from the heat and even keeps the rain off your skin.
    • Optimal function and fit are crucial here. On warm and hot days, the cycling shirt draws perspiration to the surface and is therefore made of functional materials rather than cotton. At the same time, it is cut in such a way that it supports your movements and does not rub uncomfortably.
    • Breathable fabrics wick moisture to the outside of the cycling jersey. At the same time, most models have a zip that allows you to let in a little wind on hot days. For autumn or winter, you can also find long-sleeved cycling jerseys online at Keller Sports. Most versions have pockets on the back, where you can stow energy bars, for example.
    • Warmth and/or protection against rain. Cycling jackets provide additional protection against the elements. You can usually choose between soft and hardshell models. The latter provide waterproofing but are less breathable, while soft shell jackets keep you warm without causing heat build-up.
    • Lightweight cycling vests serve as an additional layer against the wind, especially on long descents. They are also so compact that you can even stow them in the pocket of your jersey. Somewhat more voluminous are cycling waistcoats made of softshell, for example, which also protect the upper body from a little more intense cold. Thanks to the lack of sleeves, both variants increase the torso's freedom of movement despite increased protection against the cold compared to a jacket.
    • The strain on the female chest is less on the bike than, for example, when jogging. Nevertheless, it is worth wearing a sports bra. A model with medium support is sufficient for the right level of support.
  • Functional underwear: Made of functional fabrics such as polyamide, they are breathable, wick moisture away from the body and prevent you from getting cold. At the same time, functional pants and shirts are warm and improve the body climate. Thanks to their cycling-specific fit, they also prevent unpleasant rubbing or pressure points. Special seat pads make saddle contact much more comfortable, especially on long tours.
  • Cycling pants: The padding is a decisive detail. It relieves pressure from the saddle and makes longer rides more comfortable. In addition, cycling shorts are breathable and cut so that they follow your movements exactly. You can choose between short, 3/4 and long versions in our wide range of cycling clothing. There are also slightly wider cut, robust shorts for mountain biking. Integrated straps prevent uncomfortable slipping.
  • Cycling accessories: As an additional layer between helmet and scalp, there are retro cycling caps for the summer, which also conceal overly wet hair during lunch breaks. In winter, reach for a cycling cap. So that you don't have to commit too much, there are also arm and leg warmers. You can slip them on spontaneously when it gets cooler at altitude and simply slide them towards your wrist or ankle in the valley. This way you don't have to change your entire outfit to adapt to the changing temperatures. Cycling gloves also offer protection on the one hand and an additional warmth cushion on the other. You can choose between thin models that cover the entire fingers and variants that leave them free.


On the bike you are at the mercy of the elements, sun, heat, cold, rain, wind. But not without protection. Thanks to special functional materials, the premium cycling clothing we offer ensures a balanced body climate, wicks moisture away and keeps you warm. At the same time, it remains breathable, and hardshell equipment protects against rain and wind.

Thanks to elastic fabrics, ergonomic cuts and well-placed padding, trousers, shirts and jerseys are also precisely adapted to the requirements of cycling. With additional reflectors, you can also increase your visibility even in the most adverse weather conditions and at dusk.


Just a little freshening wind, cool descents and possible rain showers or low temperatures right at the start of the tour or changeable weather. You will find the right cycling clothing for winter as well as summer and the transitional season:

Cycling clothing for winter

Warmth is particularly important for winter cycling clothing. Therefore, go for thermal materials. They keep you warm and at the same time offer the necessary functionality. After all, you want to avoid heat build-up under your equipment in winter. You should always have a waterproof layer with you, but not necessarily at the start of the tour. You shouldn't dress too thickly right away. It's better to react spontaneously but emphatically to temperature changes. Reflective details on your cycling clothing improve visibility at dusk.

Summer cycling clothing

Summer cycling clothing is primarily lightweight and breathable. The functional fabrics should cool the upper body, but not chill it. They therefore effectively wick perspiration away from the body. A zip on the short-sleeved jersey improves ventilation. Pack light waistcoats for the descent and water-repellent jackets against rain showers. Arm warmers and leg warmers allow you to react spontaneously should the temperature drop further during a tour in the mountains.

Cycling clothing for the transitional period

Cycling clothing for the transitional season is also made up of several layers that can be optimally combined. Breathability is also a key factor. To keep your muscles warm, the arms and legs of your shirt and shorts can be long. A windbreaker protects you from the wind, while a hardshell jacket keeps the rain out. Reflectors and functional underwear should also accompany you during the transitional period.


Tight, but not too tight. Comfortable, but not too loose. That is the basic formula. This is how the functional fabrics unfold their full effect. Since nothing flutters in the wind, clothing cut close to the body also improves aerodynamics. If the trousers and jersey don't wrinkle, you also counteract friction and pressure points. However, your equipment should not constrict you. Instead, it should support your movements on the bike as best as possible. That's why the test in cycling position is important. This is where you go to see if the new jersey or trousers really fit perfectly when you sit in the saddle.


To make sure that you retain all the functional properties of your cycling clothes even if you wash them several times, check the label. There you can read how warm you can wash your equipment and whether it is suitable for the machine and/or dryer. Always use liquid detergents, preferably even special functional detergents. Powder and fabric softener are not an alternative.

If you machine-wash jerseys, jackets and trousers, set the spin speed as low as possible, turn everything inside out and close zips and Velcro fasteners. Regular washing is, of course, obligatory in view of the close proximity to the body. At the same time, it maintains the function, as it frees the clothes from micro-particles. However, you should refresh the impregnation after about 5 washes. You can counteract strong odours by using disinfectant washing additives.


Premium cycling clothing has many facets. The jersey. The jacket. The waistcoat. Plus underwear, gloves, sports bras, arm and leg warmers - and you can get it all at Keller Sports. You can order your cycling clothing online from top brands like Alé, Assos, Castelli and Craft. Falke, Giro and Gore Wear are also part of our range, as are Maloja, Pearl Izumi, POC and Scott. In our bike clothing store, you'll find the best cycling equipment for both men and women and regularly find particularly attractive offers in our bike clothing sale.