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Perfect tennis shoes for every type of court

Choosing the right tennis shoes depends on the court type. In general, most players have at least two pairs: one pair for winter training on indoor courts and another pair for training outdoors. At Keller Sports you can find shoes for every court! Do you play mostly on clay courts? Then you need shoes with a lot of grip and hard sole so you don´t slip once the ball picks up speed. For a game on a hard court we recommend less grip and a lower profile; but be careful, if you choose shoes with too high a profile, they could slow down your game! Better tennis shoes with a lower profile allow you to move faster. A classic game on the turf? Grass courts demand average profile, high enough to support you but low enough to provide you with freedom of movement. When you play on hard courts or in hall, it is important to choose a non-marking sole, otherwise you leave the floor covered in marks!

Choosing the right tennis shoes - that´s what matters

Stability and durability are essential criteria to take into account when choosing the right pair. The joints of the player are exposed to a lot of stress due to sudden direction changes and stops, so the ideal tennis shoes should provide plenty of support, especially at the midfoot! They should also provide stability for the heel to avoid injury! Manufacturers provide a big range of tennis shoes with cushioning around the heel and the forefoot area and many models now have a special insole that cushions you so your spine and your joints aren´t hit too hard. Heavier players need a pair with more damping, because the shoes are exposed to greater pressure. As well as providing stability and cushioning, tennis shoes should always be as light as possible and if you want your feet to remain comfortable during the game, it is best to choose shoes that are made out of breathable material which draws moisture away from the skin, to keep the feet fresh and dry. Another advantage of synthetic materials is that they are much more flexible than leather. When deciding which pair to buy, you need to make sure the shoes are stable and flexible all at once! Last but not least, they should fit perfectly and adapt your foot shape. Only with a perfect fit can you win the match! Even if tennis is only a hobby for you, you should still replace your tennis shoes approximately every two year, as the shoe material loses stability over time and this can reduce the support you get from it.

Buy tennis shoes at Keller Sports!

Keller Sports is your ideal place to go when it comes to choosing the right shoes. In our online shop you can find shoes from all leading manufacturers. We always keep a great selection of attractive shoes on sale. Thanks to our Keller Sports Product Matching Engine ®, we can also advise you about selecting the appropriate pair for you, and if you have any questions, simply ask our experts on the chat; they´re always happy to help! You will benefit not only from our expertise and experience but also from our great service: delivery is fast and takes your order directly to your front door!