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We cover a wide range of tennis balls in the online store at Keller Sports. From balls that can be played on the ATP and the WTA Tour at various Masters events to the DTB balls, training balls and methodology balls for juniors. The tennis ball online store at Keller Sports is your premier source for every application. In addition, you can buy low cost tennis balls from us and also benefit from our world class club offers. Keller Sports list the leading international brands and has extensive information available on all relevant aspects in relation to the tennis balls. Whether it should be tennis balls from Dunlop, Babolat, Wilson or Head - our tennis team of consultants enjoy talking to you and explaining which products our tennis ball online shop can offer you. We cordially invite you to use our contact options that you can find at our online shop.


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The tennis balls for your favourite sport offer very different functions. They are excellent at crucial points in the game because they can be played very fast and their bounce qualities are excellent. This is due to the gas which the balls are filled with and it ensures they stay at a constant pressure. For your leisure matches, however, you can use tennis balls with less pressure. Although there is a slight change in the playing characteristics they are designed to be longer lasting. For a training or relaxing game in the evening they are perfectly suitable because they are somewhat less rapid than the tennis balls with pressure. This means that you have a lot more control over the height and speed of the ball. Also, tennis balls should be chosen with regards to the flooring. On fast courts slower tennis balls play out all their strengths, while in contrast, fast balls on slower surfaces are more suited. If you’re a beginner then it is wise to use the softer tennis balls: These tennis balls enable you ultimate control as they are slower and have a lower jump height.


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One advantage of the tennis balls at Keller Sports is the highly varied assortment of pack sizes: The starter pack with three or four balls or the larger boxes with 70 balls you can find all the equipment you need for your ambitions. We have developed the Keller Sports Product Matching Engine for you so you can search for the right pack with ease. With a variety of settings within our KSPME ® you get the opportunity to view a precise selection of our tennis balls: Comfort is very important in the tennis balls online store at Keller Sports and to buy tennis balls low cost is only a few clicks away!