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Your individual running shoe offers – order running shoes online now!

Running - whether marathon, jogging, running or sprinting, is today one of the most popular disciplines in amateur sport. Competition running has its origins in ancient Greece and has kept going to this day. An important difference between now and back then is the running shoes. Trail running, mountain running or cross-country running, Nordic walking, jogging or sprinting – each of these types of running has a range of suitable running shoes which you can order at a great price in our online shop. Choosing the right discipline is essential to be a good runner and therefore you need advice on what to choose. For example, stable running shoes are used by amateurs and professionals alike during long runs to stabilise the heel area and provide great cushioning. Forefoot running is the most natural way to run; this involves rolling on the middle of the foot during middle-distance runs. Those who practice cross-country running, sprinting or barefoot running know that the right stabilising properties come with choosing the right shoe. Natural Running is the key word here. The running shoes for Natural Running are characterized by lack of damping and a low heel. It may seem surprising but these factors are just a small example of the factors that need to be taken into consideration when purchasing running shoes.

The perfect running shoe – thanks to our advice, you´ll find it!

With our especially developed KSPME ® ( Keller Sports Product Matching Engine ) You can now find running shoes in our shop even more easily than before . After just a few mouse clicks, you will find a list of shoes that will match your individual needs. In order to do this, all you need to do is select your gender and the properties the shoe should have, all in the running department in our shop. You can choose your running shoe category: Barefoot, cushioning, lateral support or competition and then you can select whether the shoe should be for hard surfaces such as roads or soft uneven surfaces, like during cross-country. After entering your body weight, shoe size and desired colour, nothing stands in the way of your purchasing the perfect running shoe. As an alternative to KSPME ®, we also offer you the opportunity to directly discuss with one of our running shoe experts on the chat. They will give you specific and detailed advice about which shoe would be best for you.

A running shoe is not just a running shoe - What you should look for when buying running shoes

In order to find you perfect running shoe, our running consultants will have to discuss a few factors with you to determine as quickly as possible which properties would be best for your body-type and performance needs. Knowing your body weight is crucial to determine the optimal damping characteristics of your running shoes. In addition there are basically four different types of feet – your type will also help determine which shoes are best for you out of the selection that we have in our shop. These types are as follows: flat foot, neutral/normal foot, high-arched foot and pronating foot (overpronating or underpronating). We'll be happy to explain how to determine your foot-type and help you choose the right shoe for your type. With the help of some simple objects in your living room you´ll easily be able to find out whether your feet are neutral, overpronating or underpronating/supinating. Whether you land on your forefoot, midfoot or heel while running will also be taken into consideration when choosing a running shoe. Another thing to watch out for is whether you´re bowlegged, knock-kneed or have neutrally aligned legs. We will discuss with you both the static and the dynamic alignment of your legs and whether your ankle tendons are shorter than usual or of an average length. By knowing all this we will help you choose the absolutely perfect running shoe for your own individual needs.

Select running shoes depending on your preferred running ground

Your usual running ground is a critical point to consider when buying running shoes. The harder it is, the more damping your shoes should provide. For example, running shoes for sprint races have hardly any damping or pronation support. In contrast, motion-control running shoes have fixed support which affects the rolling motion of the foot while in movement and are especially suited for runners with strong pronation.

A huge selection of great value-for-money running shoes that come with fast shipping

Nike, Adidas, Mizuno and Puma are just a small selection of brands on offer in our running shop. Now not only can you choose the perfect running shoe to suit your type of foot, leg alignment and running ground, but you can also get it in your favourite brand. In our online shop you can find running shoes at fantastic prices with fast shipping – and the minimum order value is very low too. Thanks to all this you can soon be testing the new running shoes you have bought at Keller Sports.