Keller Sports Experts

Our Keller Sports experts passion and enthusiasm for sport make them the ideal contact when it comes to finding the right sports products. Take advantage of their experience and trust their product selection and judgement.

Elisa Marie Fitness Expert
Gerd Dietrich-Rosenbrock Running Expert
Heiko Wache Running Expert
Annika Hoffmann Running Expert
Moritz Coen Tennis Expert
Axel Gamp Fitness Expert
Andrea Szodruch Fitness Expert
Matthias Fischer Fitness Expert
Robert Hofmann Fitness Expert
Ilka Groenewold Running Expert
Wolfgang Hochholzer Outdoor Expert
Dino Mancarella Tennis Expert
Robert Miller Tennis Expert
Victor Simagin Tennis Expert
Roland Huber Tennis Expert
Markus Wolf Fitness Expert
Ariana Röthlisberger Fitness Expert
Hugo Klaus Running Expert
Dominik Frey Running Expert
Lionel Ozanne Running Expert
Manuel da Cunha Running Expert
Andy Poiron Fitness Expert
Andrea Diethers Running Expert
José Muñoz de Quinta Running Expert
Elena García Grimau Running Expert
Sandra Mastropietro Running Expert
Andreas Allwang Outdoor Expert
Rainer Neubert Running Expert
Alberto Pacheco Fitness Expert

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