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brand: Hummel


Hummel Tennis - for your performance on the court

Hummel Tennis provides players on the court with the right equipment for a successful appearance and a strong performance. For decades they have been a top label showing innovation, pioneering technology and a cutting-edge when researching sportswear. You can benefit from a brand with an international reputation in the online store at Keller Sports!


One for all and all for one - Hummel Tennis offers a successful symbiosis

The functional undergarments produced by Hummel are made from high quality materials that support individuals in their efforts in the sport of tennis. Hummel equip other sports alongside tennis which helps produce a successful and cohesive team. The brand incorporates a feeling of togetherness within their logo which is intended to transmit on to the court. There is also a large number of teams from the professional to international sporting events that have worked successfully with Hummel.


The high quality materials by Hummel Tennis

The outfits available for men and women in our shop alongside Hummel Tennis are a compelling example of an image for the group, but also the specific equipment for the individual athlete. In this case, the top brand Hummel has specially introduced a product line that encapsulates the spirit of the game and team ethics. Through this product line you can experience the innovation and proven comfort of Hummel clothing. The Fit Zone guarantees a pattern that your body adapts to perfectly and it’s also equipped with motion control and strong support. This is complete comfort with the highest levels of performance! And with a range that focuses on specific movements tailored to the game, you can win game, set and match in Hummel Tennis sportswear. There is also the inclusion of a mesh material on the arms which lead to an improved ventilation function. The manufacturer has thought of every detail and has included pockets with zipper and elastic cords - the perfect solution to store and keep training balls on the court ready to serve. PS: Hummel has also added an MP3 pocket to its portfolio - perfect for the very relaxed rally at the end of a demanding training session!


At Keller Sports you can find advice

For more tips you can use our consulting team at Keller Sports. In our digital store you can find several ways to contact our team. We have created this system so you can forward any questions concerning Hummel Tennis products and receive comprehensive information. We know how important the right selection is and we know the details in modern sportswear concerning their application. We are looking forward to sharing this information with you and it’s easy to get in touch with us.


Our top product for your shopping tour: The KSPME ®

We would like to recommend you our Keller Sports Product Matching Engine as a tool to aid your decision making. You can find it next to the Hummel Tennis product range in our shop. With the KSPME ® we have been working on every detail to make your shopping trip a pleasant experience. From here you can navigate your way through our store and find the shortest path to Hummel Tennis articles of your choice.